Written by Mr G.

23 Mar 2005

8 years ago when my wife & I were out one night with her brother & sister in law we stopped off at 12.00 o'clock to close up my wife's mothers pub. I followed my wife upstairs as she was going to use the staff toilet. Whilst she was in there I slipped mys trousers and boxers down & asked my wife to suck me off a bit, which she did but not half as much as I wanted her too, which I complained about. I then left her whilst she continued to deal with the cash etc upstairs and I went back into the bar area. Due to is being closing time there were very few people at the punters side of the counter and my brother in law was lying out on the soft seats, half in agony & half in drunken sleep. He's fallen over and hurt his back whilst we were in the pub. His wife was behind the bar leaning forward cleaning the glasses in the sink. Well I still had a bit of a semi from the quick suck my wife gave me and as I squeezed past my sister in law, I placed my hands on her hips and made sure that she felt my hardness rubbing against her arse as I went past. I had previously thought what it would be like to have sex with her but never took it any further, the drink was in however which gave me dutch courage. I think I may have taken her by surprise as she didn't budge as I went past her. I made it so discrete that anyone watching would have just seen me passing her in the normal way.

We got them into a taxi and we headed for home ourselves. Once we got home we went to bed and started getting hot with me licking the wife's pussy which I love to do for her. However she said she felt sick & didn't want to continue. I though fuck's sake, here I am with a hard on and well up for it and she isn't in the mood.

After 15 minutes I made sure she was asleep then went back downstairs to the sitting room. I thought about what I had done with my sister in law and wondered if I could take a chance in phoning. I knew I had an excuse as I could say that I was just calling to see how he was after his fall.

I picked up the phone and dialed the number, my mouth had gone all dry and was in two minds whether to go through with this. My mind was soon made up as she answered the phone in a quiet voice. I asked how he was, making small talk trying to build up the nerve to ask her some questions. SHe explained htat he was in his bed and that she was downstairs getting a drink of water before heading to bed.

In the end I thought I've got to go for broke so I asked her if I could ask her a question but that she had to keep it a secret between the two of us, which she replied tentatively that she would. Here goes I thought, I then proceeded to ask her if she had felt my hard on pushing into her in the boozer earlier on that night. She said shy sounding that yes she had indeed. She asked why I had a hard on and I explained to her what my wife & I were doing upstairs which seemed to grab her attention. She was a bit taken aback to start with as she said Wow I never exected her to do that for you in in that location. Now for the next step, I asked her what she had on. She seemed to clam up at this question and started telling me that I shouldn't be doing this as we were in-law's and that we were both married with loving partners. Not put off I kept on asking her which she eventually replied " I'm wearing a see though nightie which is very short". I kept on asking her about all manner of things such as the underwear that she buys and wears & what she likes doing in bed sexually.

The line suddenly went dead and I thought shit what happened. I gave it a few minutes then called back. She explained that she though she heard her hubby getting up and she panicked and slammed the phone down. She went upstairs to see if he was still asleep, which he was & she had removed the phone from the socket in their bedroom, to make sure. She started getting edgy again & I explained to her that she should calm down & not too worry as I was only calling to ask about her husband. I then started telling her I had a big cock & that I was sitting in my house with my cock in my hand wanking myself listening to her voice. he thought I was joking until I kept on telling her what I was doing. I asked her if she had ever thought about me sexually & what were her thoughts. She wouldn't submit to start with but I eventually got it out of her that yes she did find me attractive and that she had in fact fantasised about me fucking her. Yes I thought, here we are finally. I continued to speak to her telling her I was wanking & asked her to play with herself which she seemed happy to do ( whether she was or not I cannot be certain, but it worked for me at the time ). We then spent the next 20 odd minutes speaking dirty to one another, describing all the acts that we would love to do to one another if we ever got together, whilst she played with her cunt & I played with my cock. I eventually came, delayed due to the drinking earlier that evening but it was all the more intense due to the excitement of what I was doing.

I promised her that this was not a one off and that we should if she was still interested get together for some sex as long as she realised that it was for sex and not to become a relationship. We lasted for 7 years before we were caught, but it was fortunate enough that the family didn't cotton on to exactly how serious we had been as htey thought we had only kissed the once before we had been caught.

I shall post more of these little get togethers later as I can only describe them as some of the best sex I've had, if not the most guilt ridden afterwards.