Written by Davvid L

28 Nov 2003

We had been friends with John and Sarah for a number of years and often

spent vacations together. We had always been close friends, and I must

admit I had fantasies about Sarah ever since I caught a glimpse of her

breasts when her top fell off as she dived in a pool once. But I had never

dreamed I would get to ass fuck her as she liked my wife's pussy!

The way it happened sounds corny, but I guess real life often does.

Usually we went skiing in a large group, but this year we left it a bit

late and decided to travel as a foursome. We managed to rent a small

chalet in the Alps, a beautiful pine and glass construction in some woods

at the edge of the slopes. We had been at the Chalet for a couple of days.

We spent the days skiing and enjoying long lunches on the Mountains. After

an apr├Ęs ski drink we would head back to the Chalet for a dip in the hot

tub before heading out for the night. We were having a great time and the

four of us had never got on better.

That night we had spent a little longer than usual in the bar at the

bottom of the lift. By the time we got back to the Chalet there was not

time to hit the hot tub so we headed straight out to Dinner. The

restaurant was buzzing, and after a great meal we decided to hit the local

night-club. It was a typical resort club. Packed out, baking hot and

playing terrible music. But we where all pretty drunk and enjoying every

minute of it. John was dancing with Allison (my gorgeous red head wife of

4 years) and I was enjoying practicing some salsa moves with Sarah. As we

danced and our bodies brushed past each other I could feel the soft mounds

of her breasts against my torso through her chunky jumper. Sarah was

getting pretty drunk and kept stumbling as we danced. As a slow number

came on I held her close, telling her it was to stop her falling, but

enjoying the feeling of her warmth next to me. She was a lot shorter than

me and was nestling her head into my chest, with by hands around her back.

I could feel her breasts against my stomach and couldn't help noticing that

she was bra less.

"In too much of a rush to dress properly?" I joked.


I nodded towards her chest, smiling.

"Funny" she said, then leaning forward she whispered "No panties


I looked her in the eye, with a mock shocked expression.

"Well" she added defensively "I get hot enough in these leather trousers

as it is".

I could not help but flirt with her now - "Warm hot or sexy hot" I asked

with a grin.

"You guess!" she said and started to grinding her hips into me as we

danced and laughing.

Feeling her press against me was just too much and my cock began to

stir. She must have noticed because she grabbed my half-hard member through

my jeans saying "Hot?" before heading off to the Ladies.

She was right, I was hot, but I never dreamed what it would lead to


We left the club at midnight and headed back to the chalet. Once there

we lit the fire, poured a brandy and the four of us chatted as we sat with

our partners on the two sofas facing each other in the lounge. Allison was

leaning back against me and I massaged her shoulders as we talked. Allison

and I had known each other for many years before we finally married. I had

always admired her tall, statuesque figure, her long red hair and her

fantastic figure. We had both had a number of relationships during our

on/off courtship, but had never even considered ourselves potential

swingers, let alone bisexual! The kinkiest we got was watching porn movies

and copying the action for real.

I noticed John had his hands around Sarah's front and was stroking her

belly through her jumper with one hand whilst working his other underneath

her jumper. Allison looked up at me and we kissed, the romantic location

getting the better of us. When we looked over at John and Sarah again they

too where kissing, and John had both hands up Sarah's jumper. "Bloody

hell, you're a fast worker" joked Allison.

John removed his hands quickly and looked embarrassed.

"Sorry - I didn't mean to spoil your fun" Allison said, then, out of the

blue "Its this fire, you cannot sit in front of roaring log fire, in a

chalet in the Alps, and not want to make love!"

"Too bloody right!" this from Sarah, "and don't let us stop you" John


I have no idea what made Allison do what she did next. We have spoken

about it since and she still cannot explain why she did it or what she

thought would happen. But we both agree it was the best thing that it was

a life changing moment.

Allison looked me in the eye and said, "Well if they don't mind let's

get on with it!"

With that she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her glorious 36C breasts

contained within a red lacy bra and pounced on me, kissing me passionately.

I was a bit shocked at first but the power and passion of the kiss got to

me and I held her close as we embraced. As we were still kissing Allison

started to unbutton my shirt and pull it off me.

I looked over to Sarah and John just in time to see Sarah lift her

jumper over her head as John watched her transfixed. The sight of her

small but firm breasts, topped by dark hard buds sent me wild. I reached

behind Allison and unclasped her bra. She lent back and allowed me to

release her breasts stealing a glance at John and Sarah as she did. As I

did I looked over to see John staring wide eyed at my wife. I caught his

eye and winked, before taking one of Allison's pink nipples into my mouth

and giving it a good suck.

It was not long before we where all into some pretty heavy petting,

pulling our clothes off as quickly as we could. As I indulged myself in

Allison's body I kept stealing glances over to John and Sarah. Watching

them as they licked and kiss was a huge turn on and drove me to higher

levels of passion. John had his hand on Sarah's pussy and was obviously

doing something good as Sarah was gasping with delight. Allison moved

around to give me a blowjob and wiggled her ass in my face. The scent of

her pussy was overwhelming and I buried my face, making her squeal with

delight as I pushed my tongue deep into her hole.

After a few minutes I replaced my tongue with a couple of fingers to

give me the chance to watch the action on the other sofa. Sarah had

straddled John and had his cock deep within her rocking backwards and

forwards. Sarah was staring at a point around my crouch. I looked down

and saw that she and Allison where staring directly into each other's eyes.

I held Allison in a kneeling position on the sofa and moved behind her.

Making sure Sarah had a good view as I slid my length into Allison's

soaking wet pussy. I slowly fucked my wife, matching Sarah's rhythm as she

rode John. All the time Sarah and Allison where staring deep into each

other's eyes. Sarah had a fabulous figure, and a neatly trimmed pussy that

allowed me a great view of her pussy lips sliding up and down the length of

her husband's cock as she rode him. John was also watching us as he fucked

his wife and I could see he was getting pretty close to blowing his load.

I started to fuck Allison harder, building up a faster tempo, as I

hammered deeper and deeper into her pussy. I could feel the top of her

cervix as my prick was at its deepest point and every ridge of her tight

pussy as we moved together. Allison was moaning gently and I could tell

she was building towards an orgasm. I wet my thumb in her pussy juice as I

screwed her and pushed it slowly into her ass. Allison loves this and the

effect was almost instant, she let out a screech as an orgasm tore through

her body.

That was it for me, as her pussy contracted in waves around my cock I

pushed deep into her one last time before I came, spurting my seed deep

within her and feeling it splash back from her cervix. As the last drops

of sperm emptied into my wife's hot pussy I looked over to see Sarah shake

as an orgasm passed through her. A few second later John gasped as he came

deep in his gorgeous wife's pussy.

We all stayed in position for some time, not really knowing what to do

next. Although I had just come I was still as horny as hell, but I wasn't

sure how to respond to the situation. After all I had just fucked my wife

in front of our friends. We had watched each other as we did it, and now

we where all naked facing each other across the lounge, with our pricks

still deep in our wives.

Sarah broke the tension, "fuck me that was horny" she said, "right

Allison, you and I are going to pour a couple of drinks while you explain

the `thumb in the ass' thing to me!"



"You have one hell of a horny wife Dave!" John said as we watched the

girls walk naked out of the room arm in arm.

"You bet", I replied, "but I never knew she was such an exhibitionist".

We looked at each other for a moment. John was about the same height as

me at around 6 foot but he had certainly spent more time in the gym and I

couldn't help noticing is cock was huge as he sat there stroking it gently.

I had never thought the sight of another man would turn me on, but my prick

began to stir.

"Getting horny their buddy?" he asked.

"Its the thought of your wife naked in there!" I said nodding at the

kitchen. We fell silent as we watched each other as we stroked our cocks.



"Right boys", said Allison, as the girls came back in the room carrying

some more brandies. "We have been talking about some things in there and

have decided to make the most of this trip and get to know each other even


"To start off, I want John to show me how he can make Sarah come in less

than 10 seconds with just your hand"

"and I want to try the `finger in ass' technique" added Sarah.

"I'm game" I said "John?"

"As long as you don't mind me fucking your wife!" John joked

"Hell - no problem, as long as I can fuck yours in the ass!"

"No way" Sarah squealed "no one had ever done that to me!"

"OK, time out!" Allison was obviously going to lead this session, "Sarah


We cleared a space in the centre of the room and threw down a rug.

Sarah walked slowly over to me and kissed me passionately. I looked over

her shoulder to see if John was objecting, but he seemed quite happy,

particularly as my wife was stroking his cock.

Sarah broke off from our kiss and whispered in my ear "I've wanted to

fuck you for years. Let's put on a good show!"

I started to kiss her neck and worked my way slowly to her breasts. I

circled each nipple with kisses, savoring the slightly salty taste of her

sweat before taking one of her buds in my mouth and tweaking it with my

tongue. After kissing both of her breasts I kissed down her flat stomach

to the top of her mound. Her scent was sweet, with an edge I couldn't

place. Sarah opened her legs a little to give me a view of her pussy. As

I pulled back he lips of her pussy I saw a drip of her husbands sperm form

beneath her hole. That explains the odd smell. It was the scent of her

husbands cum!

The thought of eating my friends cum from his wife's pussy, while he and

my wife watched, was a huge turn on. Sarah lay back on the rug with her

legs wide. I spread her pussy lips once more, and keeping my head to one

side so as not to spoil the view of our audience I waited for a drip of

Johns sperm to form before licking it off with the end of my tongue. I had

never tasted a mans cum before, it was salty with a strange texture, but

not unpleasant. A large glob of sperm was beginning to form; again I

licked it off. Sarah was getting very aroused and pushed my head into her

pussy. As I rubbed my face in her juices I heard John say to Allison "do

you like the taste of me as much as your husband?" Wow I thought, she must

be sucking that huge cock.

I felt an orgasm rumble through Sarah's body as I frantically licked her

pussy. Figuring it was time to move to the next stage I moved away and

looked over to Allison. She was licking the tip of John's cock as she

watched the show.

"OK Alli" said Sarah, "my pussy is dripping wet and it looks like your

hubby is as hard as they get - shall we start the lesson"

"Right" said my wife, taking the lead again, Sarah you turn over and

kneel here". "John, you go that side and watch what Dave does".

Allison moved next to Sarah's head and instructed me to start. I cannot

describe the feeling of desire I had as the tip of my cock touched the

pussy of this good friend I had desired so long. The feeling of warmth as

I slid slowly inside her was matched in intensity only by the gasps of

excitement from the onlookers. I built up a steady rhythm as I pumped

Sarah as deep as I could. She was panting as I started to wet my thumb

with her pussy juice.

Allison was rubbing her clit as she watched and John was stroking his

cock slowly.

"Ready?" I asked. "Fuck yes!" came Sarah's gasped reply. I wet the rim

of her little pink virgin ass with her pussy juice and then pushed my thumb

slowly against it. I moved my thumb slowly up and down over the hole a few

times before pushing harder until, after a little resistance it slipped

into Sarah's ass.

"Fuck, Fuck, that's good" Sarah screamed. She moaned as I began to

spiral my thumb inside her tiny ass. I could feel her tense as a huge

orgasm built. With a scream her orgasm ripped through her body.

"Jesus, that was good. I can not believe that could feel so wonderful"

Sarah panted, "is that what it feels like to be fucked in the ass?" she

asked Allison.

"Why not try it, John's a bit of an expert when it comes to butt


Sarah and I both looked at John. He thought for a minute and then said,

"Fuck it, why not!"

I removed by thumb and positioned by dick over her hole. As I slowly

forced my length into her tight little ass hole she screeched. As I went

deeper Sarah panted under her breath, " Fuck me, hard, go, go!" I was

transfixed by the sight of my cock sliding in and out of this incredibly

tight hole. When I looked up I saw that Sarah had started playing with

Allison's pussy and was sinking her long fingers into my wife's wet hole.

That was it - I started to fuck Sarah as hard as I could. John was

pumping away on his huge cock behind me and Allison was being fingered by

her friend as I ass fucked her. With a gasp I came and, feeling my cum

fill her rectum an orgasm shuddered through Sarah's body.

We collapsed in a heap, and kissed as Allison and John started to

explore each other's bodies in front of us.