Written by Slave2all

24 Jan 2005

For the last couple of years now I have become a slave to my wife(Lisa 26),firends and lovers and in that time have not had full sex with either her or another woman and I accept this way of life and enjoy the humiliation that has continued and hopefully for many years to come.It all started when my wife told me she was going out for a night on the town with two of her mates Claire(23)& Debbie(25)who always party hard and are always looking for men to pull even though like Lisa they are both married.I was sitting in the lounge and the doorbell went and there they were both dressed or undressed and they gave me a peck on the cheek and went and hugged Lisa and said they were both feeling horny and were up for some hard partying.Lisa kissed me and all three went off wiggling their arses in their short skirts and once they were gone I pulled my trousers down to free my cock and gave it a couple of wanks and then put a tape on of an old woman being banged by 5 young blakc studs and it left nothing to the imagination as they pumped her hard and each of them came inside her and she lay with her legs open as their cum dribbled out.I must of fallen asleep as I was awoken by giggling and I saw at the doorway all 3 girls and two tall blackmen each about 30ish and there was a lot of kissing and groping as once or twice bare tits were being sucked and then I saw Lisa disappear upstairs with one of the men whislt Claire and Debbie came into the room with the other man called Len and they told me that Lisa was upstairs getting herself a good fucking by Carl and they told me to fix some drinks and I got up and went into the kitchen which was underneath our bedroom and I could hear Lisa shouting out encouragemnet to her black bull and my cock was hard again and I wanted to wank off but took the drinks in and both Claire and Debbie had removed their tops and were kissing each other and feeling Lens bulge and he stod up and pulled down his jeans and a huge black rod sprang free and I couldn't take my eyes off of it as the girls commented on how I liked it and Claire licked up and down the foreskin and yanked it back to reveal a huge mushroom size head before it diappeared into her mouth.Debbie positioned herself underneath his big hanging balls and took each one into her mouth and he told Claire to bend over and she jumped up bent over and he was soon ramming into her pussy and Lisa appaeared and told me to sit on the floor and she sat on my face and ordered me to lick out her spunk filled pussy and I opened my mouth as it dribbled into my mouth I was hungry and wanted more and Carl came into the room again with a hard cock and Lisa told me to suck him off in front of them all and she went over to lick Debbie out as Len fucked away.I took his large cock into my mouth and tasted the mixture of juices and wanted him to spunk into my mouth and after a while did just that and I went over to Debbie and kissed her and let her drink all the spunk down..................More to follow later