Written by Lucky Boy.

5 Jul 2006

I recently saw a story posted on here which brought back memories of one of my first sexual experiences which had

a lasting effect on my life.

I was 18 at the time and lived in a village where there were not many young people and at that time it was

not readily acceptable to sit in the pub even though I was old enough.In fact, if the truth were known I did not earn enough to spend in the pub and I took on part time jobs to try and earn extra money.One of these jobs had been babysitting for a neighbour which paid well and gave me the opportunity to watch what I wanted on the TV.The neighbours, John and Janet,were were one of a number of couples who took it in turns to give dinner parties, so I was always in need.On one of these occasions I called round

as usual to find another woman in the house.She was about 50,years with a fuller figure and quite attractive.Janet

introduced me to Audrey, her aunt who had just returned to the Uk after living abroad for years and would be stopping

with them until she found somewhere to live.I was distraught at the thought of losing my extra income but Janet explained that they understood and would still pay me and that although I was not needed, I was free to stop

and keep Audrey company in case she got lonely.I agreed readily as I did not wish to return home to my parents'

which I found boring.Audrey and I got on really well considering e age gap and we found we even liked the same Tv programmes.I should point out at this time that I was a virgin and my only sexual experiences were a fumble behind the bike sheds and rushing home for a good wank.(In those days most girls wanted to save themselves for marrriage).

Audrey was relaxing in an armchair by the side of the fireplace and as the evening wore on I noticed that she had fallen asleep and wasennitting a slight feminine snore.

I also noticed that the fire had almost burnt out so I decided to put more coal on to keep the house warm.I bent down to poke away the ashes and as I looked into the grate

I also saw that Audrey's legs were slightly open and that

I could see up her skirt.I finished with the fire and decided to sit on the floor,opposite her,leaning back on another armchair I was still able to maintain my view.By this time I had probably the hardest erection I had ever had and I hoped she wouldn't wake to see me rubbing it.She seemed deep asleep and I got a little more daring.(I have found that in my life that in situations like this that common sense goes out of the window and cock rules your brain.)I moved forward and lifted the hem of her skirt

to get a better look.She was wearing white silk like panties with a dainty white pattern and I decided to lift it a little higher to get a better look but I was thwarted by her skirt being trapped between the chair arm and her thigh.I was about to give it up as a bad job when all of a sudden Audrey re adjusted her position,sliding down in the chair a little more and freeing her skirt.I had no idea whether this was intentional or accidental but I took advantage of the situation and lifted her skirt higher.I

folded it back over he tummy and I had a clear view of her pubic hairs poking out of her panties.This was the closest I had ever got to a women and my cock was ready to erupt.The atmosphere was electric, I needed to see more but I was frightened of discovery which would finish my babysitting job and probably get me thrown out of home.

Throwing caution to the wind I took hold of her gusset

and pulled it aside,my first sight of a pussy was too much. I took out my cock and began to wank while looking at her.

I lasted about 30 seconds.My spunk seemed to shoot everywhere even on her green skirt.I was mortified,even if she did'nt catch me red handed she couldnt miss the spunk marks on the inside of her skirt.I wiped myself on my shirt tail and went into the kitchen and got a damp cloth to try and clean her up.I gently rubbed the mark and I was sure that the movement would wake her but she slept on.I tidied her up and sat back on the chair to try and recover some composure.Within a minute Audrey stirred, she sat up, yawned and apologised for sleeping and said she was going to bed.As she stood up it was impossible to miss the

damp mark on the front of her skirt.I sat waiting for

discovery for a furthe hour before my employers arrived home allowing me to retreat to my bed and another glorious

wank.In fact the following week I almost completely emptied my balls wanking over the memory.I just hoped that I

would be needed next Saturday, but that experience is for

part 2.