Written by TransitMan

23 Apr 2004

The Slut’s Good Food Guide

1.English Summer

Chill a dozen strawberries overnight

Whip a pint of chilled double cream until solid.

Insert strawberries into wet cunt.

Take a good spoonful of double cream and massage onto tits.

Using a piping bag squirt rest of cream into cunt.

Insert a good hard cock into cunt and stir thoroughly.

When nicely mixed, add spunk to taste.

Squeeze out over willing cock and balls

Lick off at leisure!

2.Melon Surprise

Take a ripe juicy melon and cut in half

Remove seeds and cut out cock sized hole

Fasten together and insert cock.

Fuck your man from behind with fave strapon

Cum into melon and shake thoroughly.

Open melon and cut into four pieces

Apply melon to cunt and masturbate to taste.

Insert melon into to cunt and squeeze.

Remove melon and feed to each other

3.Healthy snack

Marinade peeled grapes in liberal dose of spunk

Insert into wet willing cunt.

Squeeze out at leisure into willing mouth

4.Banana delight

Chill a banana, the larger the better

Insert into cunt and juice liberally.

Wipe banana clean by inserting into a tight ass

Peel banana( the skin can now be discarded.Good as mulch for roses I’m told)

Insert banana after a good licking back into wet cunt.

Grind banana well in,( a good spanking often assists this)

Insert hard cock and pump until mushy and well creamed.

Remove with spoon and serve to taste.

5.Teachers Pet-schoolgirl edition

Dress in fave schoolgirl outfit.

Lubricate apple with good dose of cunt juice.

Insert apple

Drive an hour to see boyfriend

Lube ass,bendover and touch toes

Get a good ass fuck

At completion, take cock into cunt and apply spunk

Squeeze apple out lick clean before eating

6.Ice cream float

Take two good handfulls of lemon ice cream and massage thoroughly into tits

Rub a good portion on cunt and fill to taste

Throw a pint of chilled cream onto tits

Spread nicely with a number of cocks

Top up with regular doses of fresh spunk.

Keep cunt well filled by adding plenty of cream

Stir vigorously with your choice of cock

T o ensure a really good mix, insert fist to wrist and manually stir.

All recipes inspired by and exclusively reserved ,for top spunk slut, InsomniaMania.

Fruit and cream delivered by TransitMan.

Service courtesy of inevitable threesome.

All recipes have been approved by my quality control dept, (that’s the wife to you).

We are continually striving to add to our range of yummy recipes.Please feel free to contribute to the Slut’s Good Food Guide…..

{speak to you later Insomnia, make sure you lick your fingers clean! xx}