Written by slutty suzie

2 Mar 2005

Even when I think back now I cannot believe I did it, I can still smell the smells and taste the fluids and cocks but it is as if it was a dream.

I agreed to met Mark whom I had met on this site. He was a 46 year old married guy who wanted to, or at least he said, gain some bi experience and felt that going with a crossdresser was a good starting point. He said he had read the walls in toilets and always got turned on by the thought have sex in toilets and fantasized about people having sex in the cubicles next door.

So after a hard think about what to wear I settled on a PVC zip fronted basque, matching thong and fishnet stockings along with knee high boots and a black mini dress.

We were to meet at some toilets known for their popularity with cottagers at 8pm. I arrived 10 minutes early and thought I would just wait in the car till Mark arrived in his blue Astra.

Sure enough a blue Astra and a guy fitting Marks description arrived and he got out, giving me a knowing glance and smile, he walked into the toilets with a bag.

I gave it a couple of minutes and followed him in. I was so excited this was the first time anyone had turned up and I was determined to make those other timewasting meets worthwhile.

I walked in and could see a glimps of Mark stroking his semi erect 7 inches and I began to get butterflies. He nodded to a cubicle and I duly entered. As I turned round there was Mark right behind me with his cock hard and proud.


He commanded

I peeled off my dress and was about to unzip my basque

"STOP" came the second command

The temptation became to great to resist and i went to touch his hard cock but he grabbed my hand and stopped me

"You havent earned this yet"

he then put a blindfold on me and handcuffed my hands behind my back.

Then I heard footsteps and two voices, normally in these situations the action would pause but it didn't Mark started to talk with these guys and I began to panic.

Then I felt a hand stroking my long curly auburn hair and i began to relax. Then suddenly a cock was thrust into my mouth. At last I was getting something in my craving mouth. I was still blindfolded and then I felt a hand stroke my ass and I began to rub my ass back.

"YOU SLUT" was shouted an then I received a stinging smack on my ass cheek.

The cock withdrew from my mouth and then I was left standing there.

Then a cock was rubbed allover my face, I didnt know then whether it was the one that I had been sucking or a new one I tried desperatley to take it in my mouth but I was being teased. Another smack followed followed by the rubbing of a cock on my ass.

I was pushed down onto my knees and the cock was thrust into my mouth. It was different, shorter but thicker and the head was pulsating I knwe it was going to be long before I tasted some creamy hot spunk.

Then my thong was pulled down to around my thighs and I felt a finger rubbing along my ass.

"THIS IS GONNA BE FUN, THIS BITCH IS TIGHT" I heard and then my ass cheeks were spread apart and one of the men spat on my asshole and slipped a finger up me. I sighed with hapiness and knew I was going to be punished

"SHUT IT YOU WHORE" and I was expecting another smack...

Instead a cock rammed staight up me, I went to scream at the shock but the cock im my mouth pushed further down my throat and I was muted.

2nd part tomorrow