Written by Dave & Caz

4 Dec 2006

This story happened when me and caz were both about 30 a year before we got married.We booked a 3 week holiday in the canary islands and caz went cock mad but if i wrote everything we done it would take an hour to read it so i'll write this experience 1st and write the rest at a later date.

When we got to the hotel we were having a drink on the balcony of our room when two lads came out onto there balcony which was next to ours,we started talking to them and found out they were both seventeen there names were Sam and Pete they was mates and this was the 1st holiday they had had without either of there parents being there with them.Nothing sexual was said but they told us they had another week left of there holidays and where the best pubs and clubs were.

Me and caz spent the rest of the day looking around and getting our bearings before having a meal and heading back to the hotel to get ready for the night.When we got back caz put a bikini top on with some shorts before going out onto the balcony as it was cooler outside and i followed. When we went out sam and pete were there too and we talked and joked with them but this time it was different,they could not keep eyes off caz's tits but caz didn't notice as the chat was not sexual and we were joking more than anything. After an hour or so me and caz went inside to get ready and when we got inside i told her that the lads kept looking at her tits and she looked surprised and said were they when i said yes again a wicked little smile spread across her face and i knew this was going to be a holiday to remember.

We went out that night and caz was wearing a little black silk dress hold ups and no knickers because the dress was very glingy and and she could not even wear a thong without a visable panty line, to top it off she put on some high heels.I could not keep my hands off her all night,she looked sexy as fuck and i was feeling her up every chance i could (which was all night)and i knew caz was turned on, she even gave me a blow job on the way back to the hotel.

When we got back we both went out onto the balcony and the lads were there too having a few beers, if they wern't there i think me and caz would of fucked each other out there but couldn,t now,the lads were now rearly leering at her now in her sexy dress and caz noticed too and started teasing them by crossing and uncrossing her legs but the way she done it they could not see her pussy.I thought one of them was going to dive on her before the night was out but they never tried any think,at the end off the night me and caz went inside i was so turned on watching her tease the lads that we started fucking almost straight away as i was fucking her i started talking about the lads fucking her with their young hard cocks this dirty talk was rearly doing it for caz and she started cumming and nearly screamed the place down if the lads were still outside drinking they would of heard her i cum too shortly after then we both went to sleep.

Next morning i was up before caz and was on the balcony with a cup of tea and the lads appeared we started talking and caz heard us and got up too,but when she walked out onto the balcony the lads nearly choked on there tea i turned round to see caz standing there in the smallest bikini i have ever seen it was made of a satin type material but the top just about covered her nipples which were erect and the bottom bit was a thong and just about her pussy lips,it was a good job she shaves her pussy(she has a brazilian)or you would have seen pubic hair,pete said fuck me carol you not going out dressed like that are you you will give every man a heart attack,caz said no silly i will wear a sarong with it.

We spent most the day on the beach on our own (although every bloke was eyeing her up) and did a bit of shopping before we went back to the hotel.When we got back we dropped everything in the room and decided to use the hotels outdoor pool when we got there sam and pete were there,in between them there was a sun lounger free and caz used that one and i sat behind sam on an other lounger.caz took her sarong off and lay downand the lads looked disapointed i think they were hoping she would go topless but she didn't.I went to get us some drinks from the pool bar,when i was at the bar i saw caz hand a bottle of cream to sam and he got up to rub cream on her back,pete got up too to rub some on the backs of her legs,it was at this point i noticed that sam and pete were both wearing speedo type swimming trunks and they both seemed to have big bulges in them.I returned with the drinks and the lads got in the pool,i asked caz if she seen there bulges and she said 'yes and if they dont fuck me by the end of the holiday i'm going to rape them'.About an hour later caz got in the pool by herself and had a bit of a swim but when she got ot of the pool the water had made her silky bikini transparent and you could see her nipples and her little landing strip of pubic hair,the lads saw it too and were trying to hide their erctions by lieing on there fronts but they kept looking at her as she dried off with a towel.Every 15 minites or so caz would get back in the pool swim around a little then come back and dry off,she knew sam and pete could see everything but was enjoying teasing them.After about 2 hours the only people by the pool were the 4 of us and the bloke behind the pool bar asked if we wanted more drinks as he wanted to close up i brought three beers for caz and the lads and decided to head back to our room but caz wanted to stay for a bit longer the lads had to stay with her because if they got up caz and me would see their erections.

Caz came back to our room about 1 hour later and told me what happened when i was gone.As soon as i was out of sight and the man behind the pool bar left caz lay on he front and asked the lads if they would put sun cream on her back this time sam did her legs and pete done her back caz said their cocks were busting to get out of the tight trunks and sams hands where getting nearer and nearer her pussy caz thought she was going to pass out with sheer pleasure her pussy was soaked by now but sam never touched her pussy and it was making caz wetter and wetter,pete was still rubbing her back with cream and would reach the side of her tits and then moving back again,caz said do you boys want to do my front aswell the lads could not belive their luck and both said yes as guick as a flash.caz turned over and the lads put cream on her legs and stomach sam was doing her legs again put because she was so exited her bikini had become wet and transparent.This made sam a little bolder and he put his hand on her thong covered pussy so there was only this thin bit of material between her pussy and his hand.pete meanwhile was feeling her tits even though she still had he bikini top on.Pete started kissing caz and she responded by pushing her tonge in his mouth then sam pulled her bikini to one side and started licking her pussy caz could take no more and started bucking and cumming on sams face she had to bite petes shoulder to stop herself screaming as she cum.when they had calmed down caz said she was going back to join me,she gave gave them both a long french kiss each and felt their cocks through their trunks and said to them come out tonight with me and Dave(thats me) and they both agreed.When she told me all this my cock was rock hard and i asked if she touched their cocks she replied only through their trunks but they felt big,i couldn't wait any longer so i climbed between her legs and started fucking her,her pussy was so wet i slide all the way in,as i was fucking her caz was telling me how big there cocks felt and how she wanted to fuck them both later,

caz then started cumming and i wasn't far behind her exploding my cum all up her soaking hole.

that night we met the lads and went out caz was wearing a see through blouse with no bra,short satin wrap around skirt no knickers again hold up stockings and heels,you could clearly see her nipples through the blouse but she didn't seem to care because she was on a sexual high.

we spent the night going from bar to bar drinking dancing and sam and pete were having a good grope of her tits arse and pussy as they danced,they both fingered her on the dance floor as she kissed them and pete made her cum when he fingered her.We decided to go to one last bar for a drink before going back to the hotel.

when we got to the bar me sam and pete all needed the loo so caz whent to get the drinks,when we came out the toilet caz was talking to a black guy who was about six foot six inches tall i told the lads to wait with me and lets just watch.I went to the bar and stood near them waiting to get served and pretended i didn't know caz,the black guy said to caz shall we move from the bar and she said yes which surprised me as she had never shown an intrest in black guys before.They moved away and sam and pete came over we had drinks and just watched.Caz and this black guy chatted for about half an hour then he took her hand and they went outside and us three followed a little behind them.We followed them to the beach and watched from a distance but we could see them clearly.They started kissing and u could see him feeling her tits her pussy and anything else he could get his hands on and caz seemed to be loving it.Then they stopped and started talking but we could not hear what they were saying,they tidyed themselfs up he gave her a peice of paper and she walked to join us.i asked her what was the peice of paper for and she said it had his phone number on it(another story),We got a cab back to the hotel i was in the front with the driver and caz was between pete and sam in the back.I could here heavy breathing and kissing in the back so i looked back and sam was kissing caz and pete had his hand up her skirt.

when we got back to the hotel us three boys got a beer and went onto the balcony caz went to the bedroom,five minites later she called us to the bedroom.when we walked in caz was on the bed wearing just her hold ups and a black satin thong and she told us all to strip naked which we did' it was then both me and caz saw sam and petes cocks properly,they were both big boys.Pete's cock was about seven inches and quite fat but sams looked abnormal it was about nine and a half inches and rearly thick they were both shaved down there too ,caz eyed both their cocks and said i'm going to enjoy this,sam ,pete and caz all got on the bed and i sat in a chair to watch

caz just lay back and pete got between her legs and started licking her pussy and sam moved up to her head but before he could get his cock in her mouth caz arched her back and started cumming but pete kept on licking her and she had another two orgasms before he stopped licking her.

Caz then tried to suck sams cock but it was too big so she just licked it instead,as she licked sams cock pete took off her knickers and put the head of his cock at her pussy entrance and pushed it in ,caz stoped licking sams cock as pete rearly started fucking her hard and caz seemed to be having one orgasm after another but pete kept on fucking her rearly hard and rearly fast then with a final groan he tensed up and filled caz with his cum and that made caz cum again.Her pussy was red and puffed up and looked sore but i knew caz wanted to feel sams cock inside her to so she told sam to lay back and started wanking him and suck the end of his cock.She was on all fours as she wanked sam off and pete moved up behind her and i could see he was hard again but she told him not to fuck her yet.Then she straddled sams hips and lowered her self on to his cock but she was having trouble getting him all in so she had to take it a bit at a time but eventually she got all his cock in.She then started to ride him properly and i could see his cock was rearly streching her pussy and you could see petes cum being pushed out as his cock filled her pussy,caz was lost on a sexual high as sams cock pounded her pussy and she seemed to be having orgasm after orgasm as sams big cock streched and filled her pussy.Pete then stood in front of caz and wanked into her face as she rode sams cock,she grabed petes cock and started talking dirty to them both telling pete to cum on her face and telling sam to fill her dirty hole with his seed pete come again all over her face and tits which made caz cum again and as the orgasm subsided she climed of sams cock and lay on he back and opened her legs wide so sam could fuck her again,Sam got between her legs and pushed his cock back in,caz wrapped her stocking clad legs around his waist and was pulling him in as he drove his cock into her caz arched her back as another orgasm washed over she then told sam sam to fuck her hard as he pounded away 'yes thats right' she told him 'fuck me hard and fill with ur seed''yes thats it fill my womb with ur seed and make me pregnent' she screamed 'come on knock me me up you big cocked fucker fill me up'.then at long last sam tensed and groaned and filled caz with his cum,sam then rolled off and i licked her pussy clean as she sucked me off till i cum in her mouth.

Caz carried on fucking pete and sam till the end of their holiday but we got their mobile numbers before they left and caz has had them around our place since we got back,she even had them around while i was in italy on buisness for a few days.anyway when the lads flew back home me and caz still had two weeks holiday left and caz promised to carry on being a slut for the rest of the holiday,and she was but i'll tell you more about that another time.