Written by brian

11 Sep 2003

Round about 1996 people were used to big internet phone bills and spending too much time in chat rooms.

I got myself into the habit of talking to women on all sorts of subjects, usually heading them off towards sex.

I came across this lady who was keen to talk and keen to talk dirty, she desperately wanted me to know that she was on the fat side and get that out of the way early. I told her I didn't mind that and I'd love to come and fuck her.

Then we got to talking about adventures and what she had been up to. Turns out that her and her husband and started having bigger and bigger rows coz the money was tight and the bills kept coming in for the internet phone line.

She told me that she had met this other older couple on the south coast in a very posh district and she would go round to orgies with them. I got the impression that there were probably 4 or 5 people there.

I was tempted to get involved but afraid of the consequences of catching something. My hard cock was about to help me get over my reservations. I decided to hatch a plan so that I could have my good time and be safe too.

Some weeks later I was due to be in Basingstoke at a hotel. We made arrangements that while I was there I could go to one of the parties with her. We had not yet met in person. When we did meet, she was big and it really did make no difference at all. Unlike most blokes I knew that I would be good for one good orgasm but not the half dozen that every body else seems capable of.

So we went in my car to this house of the other couple. We had a few drinks which was not what I wanted. I had to make small talk but it's not my strong point.

Then came the time for me to enact put my plan into action. I had told her that the part I wanted to play was to sit on an armchair with a condom on and for her to sit on top of me so that I could slide my dick up her arse. I wanted her to be fully clothed and for us to be in that position as other people arrived.

After applying enough jelly and working at it I got to be deeply in place up her backside. Because her clother were on it was not obvious to the new guests quite what was happening.

One by one they came into the room from where the drinks were served and asked if they could explore what might be happening. We both agreed.

Of course they lifted her dress up and saw that her fanny was just sitting there waiting. I invited each one of them to do what they liked. The first chap took his trousers down, pulled his dick out and got on his knees. It was not the most practical position for him but he managed to get a rhythm going and I could feel him through the skin going in and out. I could so easily tell when he was about to come and I was virtually at the point of coming simply by being motionless.

The second man did exactly the same thing and I knew I just had to let go and burst inside her.

The lady of the house had been watching what was going on, pulled me out of her arse and pulled the condom off. She put it to her mouth and squeezed it back out onto her tongue. Then she got on her knees and did a lovely clean up job on me.

Now that I was satisfied I wanted to be back on my way up north. Of course I had to be polite but I was away quicker that I really ought to have been.

I've tried to get in touch with the lady since but her phone line changed after all those big bills and I have no way to make contact.

If safe but very rude sex is your thing make contact on benwindex@yahoo.co.uk