Written by billywhizz

23 Nov 2006

We met through SH and exchanged emails, then texts, then 'phone calls; each of them dirtier than the last.

We set up a threesome at ours so that she could watch us wank, suck and fuck before she got hers. He said he hadn't had a cock up him for two years so I suggested he and I met to give him a couple of butt plugs to open his arse and ease his anxiety.

We met one afternoon in a layby. He was lying on his side in the front passenger seat of his car showing lots of stocking and thigh under his coat, and I started by stroking and squeezing the backs of his thighs. He responded by moving on to his back and opening his legs to reveal his black thong and the bulge of his stiff cock, which I raked with my nails and wanked very very deliberately. All the time we talked about his liking for clothes (he sometimes wore panties and stockings at work under his straight clothes) and his previous lover. This made me hornier so I pulled his thong down his thighs and he turned to kneel on the seat to show me his arse and leave his balls and cock dangling. Naturally I groped everything on offer then used the smaller of the plugs I'd brought to rim him and push in to his hole. It went in so easily that I pulled it out fairly soon and lubricated the bigger, thicker one. This needed time to work up him, so I used it up and down his whole crack too, something he seemed to enjoy, so I took my time, talking about the threesome we had planned for the following Wednesday and how we planned to use him.

As the plug sank in to his hole I got her on the 'phone and put it on speaker so that we could all hear each other. As we talked I started to wank his dangling prick properly, his full balls (he said he hadn't spunked for 4 days) hitting my knuckles on each stroke. When she told us she was wearing basque, stockings and heels he groaned that he was coming: thick gobs of shiny white spunk on his car seat. She heard this and told him to do me in return and to do it straight away. He promised he would, but...a car pulled up at the side of us and the moment was gone...

The threesome hasn't happened either, so if this tale titilates you, get in touch.