Written by Cinemagoer

11 Jul 2005

Many years ago I visited a soho cinema and I got there around 5.30 and it was about half empty and I managed to sit about halfway down from the back and by todays standards the films were very tame but still a good way to release built up tension amongst other things.I had been watching this one film where a woman in her fifties was being fucked by a man of about 18/19 when a couple entered and sat in the same row as me a few chairs down.She looked about mid twenties fairly large build and the man she was with was about mid 50's,but they were kissing and touching and he soon opened he long coat to reveal she had a short skirt on and her blouse was half undone as he started to paw at her large breasts and this hadn't gone unnoticed as other men began to move closer for a better look and she then stood up took off her coat and undid all her buttons on the blouse and kissed the man full on the lips and I was now geting a good look of her skirt covered arse and I moved two seats closer and I was soon siting with my hands down my pants and the old man tapped the woman on the shoulder and pointed and she patted the seat next to her and I stood up complete with erection and she soon had her hands down my pants as she kissed me fully on the lips she stuck her tongue down my throat and I could taste the oldman but she was playing my cock I didn't care and she then pulled my torusers down and there were now more men watching rubbing themselves as she wanked me off and the oldman undid her bra to free her dangly tits he waved two men over to come suck them and then she went down on my hard cock and began to eat it into her mouth and in the corner of my eye I saw an old man take another man up the arse which nearly made me come and she asked me if I was about to come and I nodded so she dropped her skirt yanked off her panties and threw them to a man who smelt them and wrapped his cock round them and she sat giongerly on my cock and began to ride me and she wobbled her tits as she watched the film which was now a young lady being gang banged by a black gang and I couldn't last much longer as I grabbed her arse to pull her closer I unloaded my cum into her and carried on fucking until she drained my balls.She climbed off and got on all fours and asked the others to form a line and I moved away and soon there were about 20 men standing there with erections ready to fuck this slut.

When I went to leave the oldman said same time next week.Sure enough I went back and fucked her three times during my two hour visit.The man on the ticket office asked me if I enjoyed the film and I said this cinema has the best entertainment,but the films were not that good.No doubt he got himself a piece of her arse each time they visited.