Written by Charlieslutt

31 May 2010

Let me start by telling you that the first bit of my story is true, and what led me to share the fantasy it created

This morning my husband suggested that as the weather is so beautiful that perhaps I should spend the day topless sunbathing

when he suggested that I should fully oil myself up first I knew what was on offer, and being the horny slut that I was I happily agreed.

Having got myself organised I had a shower and shaved my pussy so that it was just how he likes it, completely bald, and oiled myself up. Deciding that I didn't want strap marks at all I didn't bother putting anything on after my shower, covered my self with a mixture of sun cream for protection and oil for that slutty look and laid out in the sun. Not long after along comes my husband who decided he was too hot to continue cutting the grass, stripped off his shorts and pants laid down and told me under no uncertain terms to suck his cock. Being the ever dutiful wife this I did. Anyway, one thing led to the other and after a while he insisted that I oil up my little bum hole as he wanted to fuck me up the arse outside. I took the oil and poured copius amounts onto my fingers and worked it into my arse whilst my husband lay there wanking his cock, by the time I had got to fingers working in and out of my tiny bum hole he told me to get on top with my back to him so ge could lay there and watch whilst he pounded my tight hole, it was whilst I was on top withmy back to him that a fantasy started to play out in my mind that I thought I might share......

I'm on holiday in a hot country with my husband, but he has decided he has a headache and wants to stay in the hotel for the day, having previously heard about a local nudest beach I decided I would like to visit, so I showerand prepare myself, ensuring that my pussy is shaved clean and my arse and cunt are well prepared... I slip on a beach dress and make my way to the beach. Having got there and realised it's quite busyi find myself a quietish spot near couple in their 50's.. As I slip out of beach dress and make myself comfortable, the lady next to me remarks on my nipple piercings, and asks if I am pierced anywhere else, happy to have this conversation I offer to show this lady my clit piercing at which point she remarks on how much her husband loves piercings and that she had not had the guts to do it herself, would I mind if her husband had a closer look? I say, of course if she woulddo me a favour in return, and put my sun lotion on.. Laying down on my beach towel the lady comes over with a bottle of oil and starts rubbing it into my shoulders and breasts whilst her husband gets between my legs and takes a good look at my piercing, by now the lady has worked her oily hands down my stomach and onto my clit and her husband has started to work his fingers in and out of my very wet cunt, starting off with 1 finger and before I knew it I had 2 of his fingers and 2 of her fingers sliding in and out... Being keen to give as well as take, I am happywhen the lady straddles my face offering me her wet inviting pussy. Spreadingher lips with my fingers I start my gently circling her clit with my Tongue, the more I do this the more she grinds her pussy onto my face until eventually I'm fucking her tapping hole with my Tongue. After a little while, it's decided that sun lotion on my back is required so I'm flipped over, this time her husband lays downin front of me offering me a fairly fat meaty cock, being the slut I am, i get onto all fours and greedily swallow his cock trying to fit it all in my mouth, meanwhile after spending a very short time lotioning my back I have a surprise when the lady slips 1, 2 then three oily fingers up my arse by now I'm so horny I don't know quite what's going on and it's not long before the cock in my mouth is replace by a soaking cunt, and the fingers in my arse are replaced by a fat meaty cock, anyway it's at this point I have travelled no further in my head and as I'm am here lying naked with my husbands spunk dripping out of my arse I had better turn over to ensure and even tan.

In my fantasy I have these piercings but am yet to acheive them yet, that's my next project and the start of another fantasy!