Written by Fey

16 Dec 2005

A while ago I went to a family funeral for an old aunt and as normal with big families met a load of relatives we had not seen for ages. Then of course there are various wives and husbands of the relatives and also friends of the family.

At this particular funeral I had gone with Phil, my husband, and after the actual funeral we returned to the Aunt’s house for the Wake. As seems to be normal these almost turn into a social occasion, whilst still remembering the true purpose of the day.

Phil and I had chatted to quite a few relatives catching up on news, then he went off in one direction and I was left by myself. After a while I got talking to a couple and found out that they were a long lost second cousin and her husband, and though interesting to talk to they seemed to be a bit rough and ready, if you understand what I mean. Gary, the husband had a wide repertoire of jokes and one or two were quite saucy, so that Paula, his wife, told him to remember where he was.

There was plenty of drink available and I must have had three or four glasses of white wine, as I was feeling in quite a light-hearted mood and rather fancied hearing some more of Gary’s naughty jokes.

When Paula went off to the loo I asked Gary what other jokes he had to tell, and he gently led me to one side away from some of the more staid relatives, where he proceeded to tell some really rude ones, which at one stage drew disapproving looks as I giggled aloud.

Although he was a bit rough and ready I was warming to the attention Gary was paying to me and enjoying his company. Besides passing a compliment or two about me, which I appreciated, a couple of times as he waved his arms about to emphasise a story he would brush my body with his hands and one or two of these just touched my breasts, so that almost before I knew it I could feel my nipples jutting out.

I noticed Gary’s eyes drop to my breasts and knew he had spotted this too, even though of course, I was wearing a black dress.

I told Gary that I was feeling hot and needed to go to the loo, so went off to find it. The house was quite large and I eventually found a bathroom on the top, third, floor.

Afterwards as I opened the bathroom door to go downstairs again so I came face to face with Gary.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, tipsily giggling.

“Oh, just waiting,” he replied, “not many people seem to have found this loo, lets go in and lock the door!”

“You’re naughty,” I told him, letting him guide me back inside again.

He locked the door then put his arms around me and kissed me on the lips.

Of course I didn’t object and quite soon our tongues were exploring each other’s mouths.

Then his hands started roaming over my body and I could feel myself responding.

“Quickly,” I said turning around, “unzip my dress.”

He pulled the zip downwards to the small of my back and then helped me take my dress down to my waist. I stood there naked except for my bra, which he promptly unfastened, letting my breasts spill out.

Then he lowered his head and started sucking my nipples.

Suddenly the bathroom door handle rattled and we jumped apart.

“Anyone there?” called a voice.

“Yes,” answered Gary, “I’m just being sick, you’d better use the other loo.”

“Sorry,” came the reply from outside, and we heard footsteps going away.

We looked at one another and Gary returned to sucking my breasts, which sent a tingling feeling down to my crotch.

This was really stimulating me and I knew that I wanted him inside me.

I reached down to my waist and wriggled my dress and my waist slip over my hips and down my thighs, then stepped out of them

Gary stood there looking, then quickly reached out and pulled my knickers down.

I was now naked.

Gary had unzipped his flies and was removing his trousers and pants as I reached out and took hold of his almost rigid penis. Quickly I knelt in front of him and did something I had never done before even with my husband, as I opened my mouth and slid my lips over his penis, trying to gorge myself on his flesh. Gary started rocking his hips, moving his penis in and out of my mouth. But I still wanted him in me, so I pulled my face away and standing up, reached down between my legs and guided him into me, as we leant against the tiled wall.

He felt fantastic but just as I could sense his climax approaching I stopped him. Then I made him pull out and taking his penis in my hand I let him come over my stomach.

We stood there for what seemed like ages then quickly dressed.

Gary undid the door and went out; telling me it was all clear.

I gave him a short while, then went downstairs again.

Phil was in the lounge when I entered.

“There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for you, are you ok?”

I told him I was fine and had just been sitting quietly on the loo.

Soon after we got ready to leave and in saying our goodbyes Paula and Gary passed me their phone number and asked us over to see them some time soon.

As we drove home I said to Phil that it would be keep in contact, wouldn’t it.

I’m sure I’ll phone them soon.