Written by Davie

8 Oct 2005

Hi, I am new to this site and I have been reading these stories with great relish and would like to tell something of my own true story.................. Please excuse if I am not so graphic as some here , but hopefully will improve as I have a lot to tell. I first saw her about 10 years ago in a rave. club and I thought WOW! here's a girl after my own heart, we were both with partners at the time and we all became good friends. My partner Linda liked Sophie and straight away we were up for a foursome but somehow much to my disappointment she did not like Sophie's boyfriend too much and nothing much happened, but I did manage to introduce them all to the fetish club scene. I have had several girlfriends since then and Sophie is on number three boyfriend and over the years even though we do not live close by we keep in touch, and I see both Linda & Sophie without the boyfriends knowledge as often as I can. Over the last couple of years I have been seeing a bit of Sophie as she passes through town on her way to France and spends the night, so I see her maybe about 8 to 10 times a year depends on the excuse. On several occasions I have taken her clubbing and a couple of months ago took her to a couples fetish club, she was wearing a very tight pink rubber dress and as soon as we arrived and got our first drink we cast our eyes over the assembled crowd and walked over to some empty seats next to an attractive couple, by the way Sophie is 38 French and Stunning, and it was not long before she was sitting on some ones knee and I was talking to a girl who wanted to spank me, so I left her to go and play with my new friend. When I got back Sophie was sitting with some guys, one had his hand up her dress she was having a great time. One guy asked if she could join him in the dressing room as he got changed into another outfit and I said yes sure. I left them for about 10 mins and then ventured into the room to find Clare with two guys one with his cock in her cunt and the other in her mouth, she saw me come in and this seemed to make her go wild, as I got my cock out she grabbed it and started to wank me. I loved to watch her be the slut she really is & she loved me to see her getting fucked. When we got back to our table the whole club seemed to be one big orgy of kinky sex and Sophie was attracted to a girl but was unsure about her Bi side but I encouraged her to be a bit more forward and they were soon kissing and running hands over each other, then the girl lifted up Sophie's dress and started to lick her cunt. I, like most men love to see two girls in action and they did not disappoint. they took turns in licking each others cunts. Lot's more happened at the club, but we were invited back to this couples place and after putting on a porno DVD and a drink Sharon put on her strap-on and told Sophie (who is Sub) to get down on her knees and start licking her cock. Gary, Sharon's boyfriend( who is Bi and also submissive) under Sharons orders starts stroking my cock and gets on his knees and runs his hands under my balls and grabbing the base of my cock pulls it towards his face, licking the underside of my helmet with the tip of his tongue, I grab the back if his head and started to slowly fuck his mouth. At the same time I see that Sophie has been put over a chair her arse in the air while Sharon is fucking her with the strap-on. To feel a guy suck my cock knowing how to bring me to that point of no return then letting me spurt all over his face, I could see that Sophie could see me in the mirror and I know that she gets really turned on seeing two guys together. ( she used to borrow Gay porno DVDs from some gay friends to watch). but I wanted to fuck Sharon while she was fucking Sophie with the strap-on so I took my cock out of Gary's mouth and went over to Sharon and started to lick her arse and cunt, she was so fucking wet already and I was greeted with mouth watering juice, I started to lick all around her bum hole as she was slowly fucking Sophie she tasted so good and I was so fucking hard that it was not long till Sharon was screaming for me to shove my cock in,Fuck me, Fuck me you bastard while I fuck your girlfriend she screamed .......... I called Gary ( who was watching and wanking in the corner) over to put a condom on my throbbing cock, before I shoved it up his girlfriends cunt. It felt so good to fuck her and Sophie at the same time and it was not long before we all retired to the bedroom to have full on sucking and fucking all four of us taking turns to fuck Sophie. I have seen Sophie several times since then and partied with her and my ex Linda on a long week-end back in July, which I would love to tell about. As I said I only saw this site a few weeks ago and being a single guy at the moment would be very interested on meeting some Bi couples & singles so that Sophie and I could have some more of the same kind of fun