Written by Keeper!

22 Nov 2011

My other half was away on holiday and I had booked some girlie fun away for the evening at a hotel & spa. My friend and I arrived late evening and after dinner we decided to slip on the bath robe and slippers taking the lift to the ground floor entering the spa area. Seductively gazing over at Sally I slipped off my gown and entered the pool area: feeling the cool water brought my tempreture down a little: I was Horney and missing my man. She stepped into the water as I teased her with the fountains of water spouting from my mouth, my chest bearing my nipple as the water trickled over my skin. I needed to be touched and unknowingly in the corner of the room stood David; watching as I aroused my breast moving down my flat stomach I began feeling arroused at the thought of entering my hot wet pussy. I needed to be teased. Sally came over and began kissing my nipples gently sucking and there, in the corner I saw David taking his cock strongly in his hand, slowly mesmerised he caught my glance. I needed cock. The deep thrust in my pussy was my aim and I was getting it!

Sally and I began kissing, running my fingers through her long hair feeling the curves of her sensuous body against mine made me Horney, I knew what was on offer and I wanted it. I whispered in her ear " we're being watched" I could see the thrill in her smile, the excitement captured both of us and we was willing to partake in the evening surprise.

We stepped out of the pool and walked towards David, I knelt down and took his cock in my hand, feeling his man hood deep in my throat. Mmmm that taste so good, Sally straddled with her pussy in his face. Grinding her pelvis as he sucked her wet juice. His cock so hard and full of fuck juice- I needed that inside me. I needed to feel the rush of cum in my pussy. I turned around and backed my aching pussy on to his hard raging cock, oh it fit so well, my tight pussy eloping his girth. Slowly I circled my pelvis almost teasing the ride allowing his cock to almost leave my body. Harder, I rode his dirty cock, dirty bastard secretively watching, this was his punishment. He was going to get fucked. I felt his body squirm with excitement as he pounded his cock deeper in my hole. Allowing sally to feel the ride she stepped in front of me while we kissed, selfishly this cock was mine; I could feel him shoot deep in my pussy, the sensation felt great. bursting with cum I needed cleaning: straddling David's face he was made to lap up his filth, almost daring to decline I demanded, "suck my pussy clean: you can't watch our fun, expect to join in then walk away, we haven't finished with you" Sally began lapping up the wet juice from his cock and he began getting harder she straddled his cock untill she too had used him as he equally used us.

Giggling like school girls we made our way back to our room.....

The following morning my husband text to say he was arriving home mid-day; I was Horney at the previous nights events and he insisted that I shared the story, "you've been a very naughty girl, when you arrive home, I'm going to punish you"

Oh and he did... "get up stairs" stripped knaked he threw me on the bed needing to taste where I had been so very naughty. Deeper his tongue thrusting in my pussy he sucked harder making it impossible for me not to come all over his face. "and for that you slut, you'll have it in this hole!" deeper his hard cock entering my arse, his hand cupped in my hair pulling while aggressively demanding "what are you?"

"your slut" "who's slut??" "yours....yours" he gave the best fuck, "hit me, punish me, my pussy has been so bad" leaning back his had swiftly teased my clit with his spanks as his cock rode deeper in my arse. His mind racing with thoughts and frustration of my events gave his orgasm the burst in my arse he longed for. "I'm fucking comin" ooh rubbing my clit as he pounded my arse hole I felt the orgasm racing to a peak ready to explode over his shaft.

Exhausted we lay and spoke about "Swinging Heaven" "you should write a story" he suggested... Although sections of this story is true; other bits are my dirty husbands fantasy mind...