Written by Carol and Jason

15 Jul 2005

We managed to get a week at a friend's apartment on the Costa del Sol near marbella. He had told us about a nudist beach about 5 miles down the road. We managed to find it on the first day and found a small sandy area just off the beach. We had never gone naked before and thought we would both try it. Carol, my wife has nice 38dd tits and a neatly trimmed strip of pubes above her clit. The rest of her pussy is clean shaven. The first day was quite exillorating, so we decided to go back the neaxt day and be even braver and walk to the sea naked and have a dip. The small area we were in just off the beach had a small area in front of it as you walke donto the main beach. We were both lying on our backs, when I heard a noise. I opened my eyes and saw a naked spanish bloke. He was lying about 5 foot from Carol's feet. Her legs were slightly apart,he said something to me in spanish. I just nodded. Carol, opened her eyes and raised herself up on her elbows. She asked what the bloke was doing. I told her he was enjoying his limited view of her pussy. She said she would tease him and opened her legs about a foot apart. The bloke shuffled and stood up. He was sporting a magnificent 10 inch erection. He then sat facing Carol and poceeded to wank his prick. He then shot his load, some went over his legs and the rest landed at carol's feet. He then got up and thaked us in spanish and walked away. Nothing else happened that day. We decided to some touring and did not go back to th ebeach until the last day. We went back to our old spot and afer about 1 hour matey boy was back, but with 2 friends, all naked. He spoke to me in spanish, I had no idea what he said and just said Si,si. He then laid next to Carol. One of the others sat at her feet and the other sat behind us. Carol asked what the fuck is going on. I said'I think he wants to go furhter than he did the other day, are you game'. She looked at me and said 'They have all got big pricks, do you mind if I play with them and they play with me?. I said 'I coming just thinking of it'. She then took matey's prick and started giving him a wank. The other 2 were on her like a shot. Rubbing her magnificent breasts and her pussey. I just sat there having a wank. Carol then got on her knees and started to suck matey boy's prick. The second bloke got behind Carol with his 8 inch prick, he started to rub it up and down her crack, he then moved back and shot his load over her back. She then laid on her back and pulled matey boy over to straddle her while she still licked his prick and balls. The third got down inbetween her legs and licked her pussy, after five minutes he surfaces and finger fucked her.Carol was moaning and groaning in between mouthfuls of prick. The third bloke then shot his load over her stomach and his friend's back. Carol called over to me and said I want this big prick in my pussy and pointed to him and to get and fuck her. He said something to his mate. He went down to their clothes and produced a comdon. He showed to Carol, who took it, unwrapped it and rolled over his 10 inch prick and guided him into her ussey. He pumped away and Carol came with a shudder. The other 2 got either side of her head and offered their dicks to her, which she promptley started to suck. Matey was still fucking her, she came again. I moved up and shot my load over her face and the othet two pricks both going in and out of her mouth.Matey boy gave a shudder and he exploded in her. After he with drew. we all went down to the sea and all helped Carol have a wash. They came back and sat with us for about a hour. While sitting with us they all took turns to suck her tits and finger fuck her. When we went out in the evening for our final meal and drink, Carol had to go commando and braless as she needed the air to get to her sore pussy and tits. Roll on September when we are going back for 2 weeks.