Written by Minnow

7 Nov 2006

Spanish Rum - Part 2

After an exhilarating swim they headed back to their towels and Sue handed John to bottle of Spanish red wine to open, as Jim handed around the food. Kate just sat back and looked at John’s lovely manhood playing in the breeze before her. “I would certainly like that sausage in my mouth” she said to herself. Just as he offered her a frankfurter in a roll., which did not look half as appetising. After the morning excitement the afternoon was quite each with their own thought, as the sun passed it’s high point and slowly sank towards the sea. “I think we should head back to the villa if we are to be ready for night” said John breaking the silence. They were soon packed up and wondered back up the path to the car not bothering to put on any clothes, before jumping in they opened back the soft top and got in. Sue joined John in the back and as Kate slide in next to Jim. As they headed back down the road John directed Jim along a narrow road that skirted around the town as they drove the cool breeze blowing their hair and caressing their warm bodies, Sue put her hand on John’s oldman and slowly started to stroke it and bring it to attention Kate noticed that John had gone quite and glanced over her shoulder and saw what was going on. “Cannot you let it alone for one minute Sue, you will make me jealous”, with that she moved her hand onto Jim’s thigh and encouraged him to open his legs wide enough for her to get a good grip of his oldman, as she whispered sexy thinks into his ear enough to make him stand on end. By the time they got back to the villa they were all hot and sweaty and headed straight for the showers. They were soon ready to be off again down into town and to the restaurant where they had met the previous night. Mario was there to greet them and this time took them to a small cubicle overlooking the dance floor. As their eyes got accustomed to the dim lighting they realised that it contained two small sofas and a ledge for their drinks. They sat down with their partners and watched the cabaret that was taking place on the floor below. It was no ordinary cabaret, the dancers were dressed in the most sexy gear and as they through themselves into their routine it was very noticeable that they were no ordinary dancers, Kate was the first to comment “ Do you see that one has got breasts and a penis” and as the dancer swung round the others realised that they were all the same. The music got more and more erotic as the dancers bodies toughed and they stroked each others bodies all over. The small little penises grew in length, and their breast glistened in the heat as they writhed together. Suddenly as the scene reach fever pitch it was drowned in darkness. When the lights returned the couple had not realised that Mario had brought them their drinks on a tray and put them on the ledge. Attached was a note ‘Rooms are open for your pleasure’ “What does this mean” asked Sue, without a word John took her hand and let her down a short corridor which had a number of doors with small windows and curtains across, opening off it. He stopped and draw back the first curtain and looked in and then invited Sue to do the same. Sue could not believe her eyes, there on a bed was two of the dancers entwined and deeply involved with each others bodies. They were sucking and licking each others breasts and penises. Their hands caressing the intimate parts of their sex, John moved behind Sue, allowing her to have a better view, allowing him to press himself against her. He slowly lifted her dress up to her waist and pressed his member into her crack and as she was not wearing any underwear his growing member slipped deep into her wet crack. She was getting very excited about the scene that was before her and the hard member pressing into her. She knew her had to break away or she would cum on the spot. John led her further up the corridor to another window and this time they saw a young man wearing only a leather thong strapped to a padded cross. Two women dressed in leather were slowly stroking his young body with short riding crops, every now and then they would give him a sharp slap across his thighs, each time getting higher and higher and near to his cock. One of the women moved forward and unzipped the front of his leather thong allowing his cock to jump out and stand up against his stomach. Sue eyes opened wide she could not believe the size of it. It was a hard as steel and reached up beyond his bellybutton. Not could be ignore the hard member pressing against her leg. Now exposed the women’s attention turned to the rod of steel in front of them. The second women had produced from a draw a chain and what look like a handcuff, which she fitted round his rod and balls, the lad winced in pain as she tightened the cuff to make sure it would not slip off. The end of the each chain was then attached to ratchets on the walls and as they returned to whipping his youthful hairless body, with each stroke the poor excited lad would jump and writhe, trying all the time to move away from the pain, as he lifted his body off the cross the chains would automatically tighten on the ratchet, the effect being to stretch his rod and ball more and more. The lads face showed more and more of the pain and excitement until suddenly his hole body shuddered as a massive organism shook his body and his rod pulsated as squirt upon squire of cum shot from its swollen redden head. Sue could not look anymore and moved onto the next door, which was slightly ajar. She pushed it open and walked into the dimly lit room, turning expecting to see John following her, but too her surprised the door had closed behind her and he was nowhere to be seen. She started to panic when she hear a familiar voice of Jim. Stand still and closed your eyes, my dear, you will come to no harm, you will not be expected to do anything you do not want to do”, Sue did as she was told, although she did not know where Jim’s voice was coming from. Sue felt someone approach and gentle place a blind fold over her eyes, as someone else put some soft leather bonds around her wrist and ankles. Her dress was allowed to drop to the floor as she was moved across the room, turned round and helped into a leather seat fixed to a frame. Her hands were tied to the top of the frame with the leather bonds. Her legs were gently spread as wide as Sue would allow then to go without hurting and with her knees slightly bend her ankle were tied to the frame with the bonds. Sue felt terrible vulnerable, her sex exposed to all to see, and she did not know who was in the room or who could see her thought the window, the seat slowly started to sway forwards and backwards and with the soft music and lighting she began to relax. Gentle soft hands toughed her breasts and nipples as she moved forwards and other hands stroked her bare bottom as she moved backwards. Her excitement grow as the toughing increase and she could feel her juices flowing from her lovehole and over her rose bud. Suddenly she felt something touch her lovehole as she reach to forward part of her swing, and again something touched her rosebud and she swung backwards, forwards and backwards she went each time the forward penetration was deeper and the backwards more probing, she wanted to take the blindfold off to see who or what was penetration her but could not move her hands as she groaned with the increasing excitement, as the aroma in the air became more sexual charged Her nipples ached and grow hard as little red cherries and she could feel drops of liquid extruding from them, the probing of her lovehole grow deeper still until the hard but yet gentle object was hitting the neck of her womb, she could bare it no more her whole body tightened around the object as it was sucked in as her body came to a shuddering climax. She seemed to faint, because the next thing she knew was she was lying on a soft bed with her companion cuddling her. “That was an extraordinary experience, who was doing what may I ask”. “You may ask but we have been sworn to secrecy and you should never know, the important thing is did you enjoy it as much as we did”

They got up and return to their cubicle, where Mario had provide some tasty titbits for them to eat as they watch the floor show. They settled in their two couches Sue sat sleepily with her head on John’s shoulder as Kate and Jim watch the floor show which was a number of dancers acting out the various position in the Kuma Sutra. “Kate do you think you could do that” asked Jim as he watched a young lass bend herself in half and nearly touched her own fanny with her tongue. “I have never tried to do it and I am not gone to do it now” she replied. As they watch a young lad moved forwards between her legs and placed his rode of steal into her sex and with one swift movement raised her up and perpetrated deep into her until his ball slapped against her buttocks and then strutted around the stage holding her angles as she grabbed his, then to everyone’s amazement they cartwheeled across the floor still firmly connected by the sex. “Wow!! How did they manage to do that they seemed to be glued together. There was a tremendous applause as the lights dimmed and it was time to call it a day. The place soon emptied as everyone made their way back to their homes. Back at the villa it was time for a shower Sue and John were still inseparable so they took one shower and Kate and Jim the other. It was a leisurely affair washing each other and paying particular attention to each others private parts. They towelled and dried each other and all ended up on the king-sized bed in the masters bedroom and within minutes they were all asleep in each others arm, who was cuddling who was not important.

John was woken by the sun shining thought the open balcony doors. As he steered he realised the girls were still fast asleep, but Jim was no where to be seen. He carefully got out of bed not to disturb the girls and walked onto the balcony. He stretched and looked around in the distance he could see Jim walking through the lime groves, afraid to shout and disturb the girls he decided to follow as see if he could catch him up. Not bothering with any cloths he slipped on some sandals and headed off in the direction he had seen Jim go. The morning sun was lovely and warm as it bathed on his naked body and it made his whole body tingle in hat strange way it does when you experience something new. John continued through the lime grove, still unable to see where Jim had gone until he was rounding a small outcrop and noticed him only a few yards in from on him. But he was not alone. Jim stood unashamedly naked as the day he was born talking to a young lad dressed in shorts and a T-shirt, who looked to be in his early twenties. John was about to call out when something stopped him, and he moved back a little behind the outcrop. The lads moved his hand forward and touched Jim’s stomach and slowly moved his hand down onto his crouch. Jim did not move for a few seconds, before placing his hand on the lads bulging shorts and giving it a little pat. The lad moved his hand over Jim’s pecker and slowly cupped his ball sack as if to weight the contents, Jim’s pecker rose high into the air and his new found friend gently and ever so softly caressed his ball sack. Jim could not longer wait to see what was hidden under the clothes and quickly tugged at the T-shirt and then at the shorts, as soon as the shorts dropped to the ground Jim took a step backwards and looked at the lovely specimen in front of him. He was bronzed, muscular and beautifully built in all respects. John could see that much from his hiding point and it only made him more excited as he put his hand on his own oldman which was already standing to attention. It was difficult to tell how long the lad’s pecker was, from where he was hiding by he guessed it was all of eight inches. It was Jim’s turn to slowly examine the lad’s credentials, he put one hand under his balls and the other on his pecker. He found it was much larger than any other he had handles longer and in greater circumference, he was pleased to see that it had been well circumcised with the knob shining brightly on top of the long shaft. The lad moved one of his hands back to play with Johns oldman as he slipped the other around to his buttocks and towards his crack. For what seemed ages to John, they gentle played with each other. The lad dropped his head to Jim’s nipple and gentle sucked on it stretching it into his mouth to a point John felt uncomfortable. He looked up and saw a movement by the outcrop and realised they were being watched, who could it be in this out of the way place, only one person it must John. He whispered in the lad’s ears and received a nod in response. John saw the nod and decided it was alright for him to move closer. Jim and the lad moved together and the bodies touched their penises moved between their legs and rubbed backwards and forwards. Their hands moved behind and played with each others buttocks and slowly investigating their cracks and each others rose bud. The lad had seen him approaching and smiled as he noticed John’s excitement. John could not help but to close in on the couple and start caressing their bodies, in response the lad put out his hand and pulled John closer by his pecker, until all three were entwined with their hands running all over their bodies perspiring with excitement. Jim knelt down in front of the Lad and took his cock in his mouth as he caressed his balls. The knob filled his mouth and it tasted absolutely wonderful, he could taste the pre-cum as he pushed is pointed tongue into his piss hole, and his balls tighten as he sucked. Through his legs Jim could feel John’s hands playing with his stretched buttocks and his open crack and the sensitive skin of his ball sack. and pecker. It was all he could do not to shoot his load over the ground but that would be a waste. With John’s encouragement the lad got down on his hands and knees and Jim got behind him as John crouched in front on him and put his pecker into his mouth, John gently placed his hands on the lads head and gentle rocked him backwards and forward onto his pecker. Jim moved his pecker to the lad’s rose bud and as he rocked backwards and forwards it gentle probed the entrance and as his pre-cum spread around the hole it slowly opened up. Jim took the lad’s pecker and balls in his hands and played with it as they all rocked together, as John probed his pecker deeper into the lads mouth, Jim gentle pushed his pecker into his rose bud entrance. They seemed lost in their own worlds and their excitement rose to fever pitch as they reach a great climax together. The lad’s silvery liquid shot forward and hit Johns balls and started running down his legs. Jim slowly withdraw from the redden rose bud and his own liquid dripped out and done his legs. The lad could not hold the amount of liquid in his mouth as he gulped for breath and it run down his chin. They broke apart and sat on the ground panting and sweating in the heat of the morning. They got up and invited the lad to join them at the villa to cool off and have breakfast with them and the girls. He agreed and Jim and John put their arms around him as they walked back to the villa.

Part 3 - I wonder how he will get on with the girls, we shall see.