Written by analalan

26 Aug 2011

I was in the pub at the time of this months riots, along with Harvey an elderly gent, whos only joy is Golf. He was saying that the rioters should be flogged, in his day etc etc etc. After a while he asked if i wanted to earn a few quid the following day by been his caddie. He picked me up at the pub he was in his all his golf gear plus 4s the works.

After a few holes i asked him about what he was on about that the rioters would be flogged, he said that he would have them over the horse and tanned the hides off them.I agreed that a spanking would be good, he looked and shouted not a spanking a good caning,and if i didnt buck my ideas up i would need one too. I agreed to which he looked back and after a moment asked if i was up for a caning, i told him i had been spanked a few times and yes i was up for it. He made a few bad shots and said he would give up and we should go back to his while his wife was out and he would spank and cane me.Not a word was spoken while he drove back, i just lifted one cheek and then the other of the seat of the jaguar all the wat back. we arrived at his and walked into the kitchen when he sat down and asked me again if i knew what i was going to get,i stepped forward and went over his knee with a YES.He bought his hand down really hard making my bottom tingle,i was loving it,and i was hard in no time.he told me to get up and drop my trouser and under pants , he watched while i did and gave a grin as he saw my hard on, then i was back over his knee, boy does he know how to spank first one and then the other cheek i was in heaven and my cock was fucking his thighs.After a while to told me to stand up , i did rubbing my bum as my cock was dripping pre-cum. he told me to toech my toes and left the room , i bent over resting my hands on my knees, my toes was to much for mt back lol, still my bottom was on offer thats all i knew . He returned with a garden cane saying its not the best , but the best hes got, tapping the end on my cheeks while he stood next to me, then there was a swish and the pain and crack as it landed on its target,i jumped up rubbing my bum, get back over you silly boy he said so i did and i stayed like that until he finished my bum was hurting like hell, and he knew it, he said now i knew what all those rioters needed. i stood up rubbing my bum my cock wanting to expload, he told me to go look in the bathroom mirror which i did while bending over wanking and shooting my spunk into the toilet pan. I dressed and when i was back in the kitchen he was sat waiting with two glasses of Guinness with my £20 cannie fee by the side, we drank me standing and just talked as if nothing had gone on, i left agreeing to caddie again for him.....cant wait to be honest