Written by Anonymous

23 Oct 2018

Special Goodbye

Growing up with my friend Paul was a fun adventure to say the least, and he was the one who introduced me to my beautiful wife Sarah. We were all so close that we were always going to the movies, eating out and having wild nights out in the city, so we were both sad to hear that Paul's life long dream of moving to Australia was coming true but at the same time happy for him.

The day before he was flying out we invited him over for one last meal together since we would more than likely never see him again in person, and of course to say our farewells. Half past six and a knock at the door and Paul is standing there with two huge suitcases as he'll be leaving straight from our house to the airport. It felt all too real now.

Sarah rushed up for a big hug and dragged him through to the living room while hanging from his arm, "Meal's almost ready" I said as they sat down and popped open a bottle of red. Sarah poured generous glasses as they both started chatting about his new job and life in Aus. He was very lucky to be promoted and be in charge of his own team in the country he'd always wanted to live.

While stirring the sauce into the pasta I reminisced about growing up with such a weird but fun guy, always wanting to be a doctor while I enjoyed mind games more and became a therapist of sorts. Life had been good to us both and with that thought I plated up the meals and delivered them to a few hungry mouths before tucking in myself. A candle lit meal for three.

We had chillout music playing in the background that reminded us of out clubbing days while we ate, drank and talked about life, loves and all things Australian. After the meal the dishwasher made quick work of everything as we relaxed once again with our bellies full and another bottle or red. Conversation flowed so easily with our tiny group as I relaxed into a beanbag chair while Paul and Sarah conversed on the sofa.

Sarah started to become quiet and curled up next to Paul, Wether it was the wine or the fact we were losing such a close friend she just wanted to be close to him at this moment in time. We all listened to the music playing in the background and felt comfortable with our silence, I watched the shadows flicker on the wall as the candle danced to the music.

Next thing I saw was Sarah kissing Paul, tiny pecks at first then lingering a little longer each time until her lips were pressing against his and becoming more passionate. This was an unusual turn of events to say the least, my mind fogged by the wine but somehow figuring that feelings of loss can sometimes manifest into sexual desire and this could be what my wife was feeling at this moment in time.

A few moments later Sarah and Paul both looked my way remembering the situation at hand, I smiled and gently nodded which prompted a grin in return. Being so close to both nulled any jealous feelings growing in my mind since we shared so much in life already, so I put my therapy head to rest and sat back and watched them share each other in one final goodbye.

Lips locked and before long became passionate once more as they explored each others mouths while hands caressed tenderly, sliding ever so slowly each layer of clothing up and over, down and off until two naked forms were intwined on the sofa and lit by candlelight. Tasting each other from nape to thigh as I hungrily watched on for more.

Paul lay back as my wife caressed his manhood which by this time was standing tall and proud with a glistening tip which her lips wrapped around and suckled, her head moving up and down slowly and steadily giving him oral pleasure as he lay caressing her face, hair, breasts, all the while smiling and staring at her lovingly.

The excitement had already encompassed me and my own manhood had appeared hard and twitching beneath, I enjoyed the sensation and watched on seeing Sarah straddle Paul and slide her already wet pussy against his length, wetting it with a slick white coat before arching her back and taking his head inside. A gentle groan escaping his mouth as it slid deeper inside a warm and wet place filled with sexual desire and then himself.

Her rhythm matched the sound of the stereo with music filling the room as she rode his cock and leaned over to kiss him passionately while letting him lick and suck her pert nipples. Soft and warm skin pressed against his chest hair and a smoothly rounded buttocks moving back and forth as she took him inside over and over.

A sudden realization struck me that my wife and Paul were not so much having sex but making love, such a closeness between them as it was between her and myself. This made me smile as a feeling of warmth came over me while watching them share more than physical desire, both silent apart from the gentle moans emanating from each and every movement.

After some time Sarah pressed against him so hard that you could see he was close to release, the feeling of her soft and hot cunt wrapped around his cock must have been so stimulating that it showed in his expression. Eventually he groaned loud and thrust upwards to meet her downward force and came deep inside her, causing her to moan and gasp in delight as she felt his warmth spurt inside.

Paul seems to have been saving himself for some time as the amount of cum sliding down his shaft and onto her thighs was quite large, causing a slapping sound every time she landed on top of him as she continued to ride. Eventually she groaned, lips agape and a sound of sheer pleasure escaping her mouth as she shuddered on top of him with her own orgasm being set free, not just one but two, three, four.

She collapsed on top of him while his semi flaccid cock was still inside of her, both curled up in each others arms and panting heavily while smiling onward and kissing each other lovingly. They eventually drifted into a welcome sleep as did I curled up in the beanbag, dreaming of sensual and pleasurable things.

I remember waking some time during the night and seeing my friend sharing himself once again with my wife while she lay on bottom, legs apart and wrapped around his back, animalistic grunts escaping them both as a hot and heavy session was taking place beside me. Last thing I remember was Sarah looking at me, mouth open in a gasp and beaming while Paul filled her once again, before I driftied off once again to dream.

The next morning we awoke and freshened up, each taking turn to shower and settle to breakfast with a silent knowing in the air. Still smiling, all happy as a horn parping outside told us that Paul's taxi arrived to take him to his new life overseas. Many hugs shared and a kiss from Sarah later he took his luggage in hand and drove off in the dawn of a new day.

Sarah held me close as if thanking me for letting her say her goodbye in her own way, then kissed me ever so passionately before leading me upstairs and saying goodbye in her own special way before I went to work that day.