Written by Madame Slut

29 Jun 2005

We pulled into the woodland car park & I was as horny as hell because Rob had made me remove my panties when we set out from home & for the last 10 minutes,he had been rubbing my clit & fingering my pussy whilst driving along. There were a couple o f cars parked up but as it was still only 9.30pm & quite light it was obvious there was no one else around.

Rob had an evil glint in his eye, as he spoke strongly & directly, ordering me from the car with the words "out into the woods you Slut". My pussy was gushing as he uttered the word Slut, I love it when he calls me that & I know I'm going to be in for a good fuck.

He held my hand as we quickly walked into the seclusion of the trees & bracken. When we were deep enough into the wood & just out of sight of the path & car park Rob pulled me to him & he roughly pulled my tits out from under my summer top. I still had my bra on & Rob expertly lifted each breast from their lacy cup. The cool air & my sexed up state turned my nipples immediately hard. Rob pulled at them both with his fingers & thumbs & gentle flicked them with his finger. "Suck my Cock Slut" he said, not until you let me ride on you I said, turning the tables on him. He quickly pulled out his fat 6 inch cock & positioned himself on the floor & I straddled him & began to fuck his brains out. We came almost immediately & seconds later Rob shot his spunk up me. I licked his cock clean of my love juices & Rob licked the spunk of the inside of my leg & after kissing passionately we headed back on the short walk to the car.

When we got to the car there was a guy about 35 standing near a car that was parked next to ours, as we walked closer we exchanged smiles & he asked had we enjoyed our walk. Rob & I both replied "yes we had". You both look like you where enjoying it he said with a rye grin. I was quite shocked, but excited at the thought that I had been spied upon whilst having a hot sex session with my hubby.

Rob stayed cool & just opened the car door for me & as I sat down in the passenger seat Rob pulled my legs back out of the car & spread them open so the stranger could see my swollen spunk splattered pussy lips, I did not resist as I felt safe & unthreatened by the situation & I also felt very slutty & sexy.

Rob got into the car & I closed the door & we both dove of laughing. The guy just stood & waved as we drove off & I have wanked myself off several time thinking of the stranger watching me & wanking himself.

Next time I think I might suck him off! So Mr Stranger, you know who you are. Next time, the Lady in the Red Golf has her hubby's permission to suck you off.