Written by Proud hubby

16 Mar 2004

Remember Anthea Turner ? She used to do a breakfast show and was one of those women who consistently flash their knickers. She didn't mean to, she didn't even realise she was doing it,it was just the way she always sat I suppose.

Well my other half is like that, always was but I grew used to it and often saw other men have a sneaky eyeful on occasions but never bothered too much.

Anyway on our eldest daughter's eighteenth birthday party we held a party in the local village hall with friends and family and several of the young farmers group my daughter belonged to. My other half wore a new dress that night and after the buffet do the tables were put away and the chairs arranged around the hall so those who wanted to could dance to the disco. We moved around the hall socialising and a couple of times while she was sat chatting I could see the lacy front of her kickers and the young lads all crowded round one time I'm sure they were googling at what they couldn't handle. Anyway come the end of the evening most of the guests drifted off as well as our daughter to a Club while some of the family helped pack up and wash up in the kitchen.

We had brought some dishes from home which was just down the road so my step mother who was staying over and myself carried them home. She said she was going to bed so leaving her in the house I went back to the hall to help the other half, lock up and walk her home. Everyone else had gone and she was sitting on a chair in the kitchen finishing off her glass of wine and waiting for me as I had the key to the hall.

As I walked in she turned to face me and I got a vision of lace between her legs which made me somewhat aroused as she does have nice legs. I was ready for home now as I wanted her but she soon told me there would be none of that with my stepmother in the next room.

I gave her a cuddle and tried to talk her round but she was adamant so we closed the door to the kitchen and walked back the passageway beside the stage of the hall. I had an idea now and suggested we do it here in the hall before going home. She said there was nowhere suitable but I saw some rugs the local playgroup use at the back of the stage and said come on we can lay some of those down and do it here. "What on the stage ?" she giggled.

Well why not so she stepped out of her knickers and lay down and I entered her and we made love gently to begin with but I mentioned to her that no one would possibly believe she had been fucked on stage in the village hall and then asked her to imagine the whole village were sat in the seats watching us. Well that turned us both on and suddenly she was going like a train and as she had an orgasm was really letting rip no acting there!.I'd never heard so many "oh's" with so much feeling in my life, and never that loud

When we were spent we stood up and she slipped her knickers back on while I cleared the stage, Sunday School in the morning !

As we walked across the hall I noticed that one of the windows had the curtains open and just caught look of a startled face which disappeared pronto. Now we don't know if we were seen nor do we have any idea who it was, there was no one in sight as we locked up. The wife was worried sick for days someone would say something or report us but as of yet we have heard nothing. Mind you who it was and how many people in the village also know is always on our minds now when we are out and about. I'm rather proud of it but the other half less so but as I tell her it isn't everyone who can say they fucked like an animal on stage to an audience.

Oh and by the way I even had her again at home, but a little less quietly.