Written by Jack

22 May 2005

Reading the story of the chap who discovered the double indentations in his wife's stocking tops reminded me of a time, some years ago' when my wife and I were living in Cheltenham.

My wife Vera worked in a soliciter's office and had to work on Saturday mornings whereas I had Saturdays off. I usaully drove her to work then picked her up at lunch time.

On Saturday when I got home I was feeling a bit horny and decided to have a wank. I stripped off and as was my usual custom put on a pair of Vera's knickers and looked for another pair to wrap round my standing cock. Instead of getting another pair out of her knicker drawer I had a look in the dirty linen basket and found a pair of black nylon knickers lying almost on top. When I wrapped them round my cock they felt a bit stiff and when I examined them closely I found that they were starched stiff not only in the crotch but in the front too and had obviously been soaked in cum which had dried with the familiar white stains. The sight of this made my cock even harder and I sniffed the mixture of dried cum and her lubricating fluid. I investigated the basket further and found the stockings she had been wearing the previous evening and they too had dried cum stains on the stocking tops. My cock was now bursting and I added my cum to the already starched knickers.

I wondered who had been fucking her. On Friday evenings she went, she said, with a couple of other girls to yoga classes and then they went for a drink and usually got home about ten o'clock. I let things go for a week and then the following Saturday there were her knickers full of dried cum.

When I casually asked her where they went for a drink after yoga she mentioned a small fairly notorious club so th following Friday I went along to this club and after paying an exorbitant fee became a member. The club was almost in total darkness and I found a seat in a corner where I could observe most of the room. The place was almost empty except for a couple of middle-aged business men at the bar.

About eight o'clock my wife arrived with another woman and it was obvious that they were favoured customers as they were greeted by the barman and the men at the bar and even the club owner with cries of delight and kisses. The barman poured the two women hefty drinks and they were all chatting and drinking at the bar. Vera and her friend who I gathered was called Pat were perched on bar stools and in a short time were both showing quite a bit of leg. I could see their stocking tops, suspenders and a hint of knickers. Then I realised that both the business men had their hands up the womens' skirts caressing their bare thighs and soon their cunts through their knickers. I must admit that my cock was really stiff watching Vera and Pat having their cunts caressed and I watched intrigued as the two men were kissing them and feeling thier tits through their dresses. Then both men got their cocks out and the women were caressing their hard cocks. The man kissing and feeling Vera pulled her knickers to one side and easing her forward on her bar stool pushed his cock up the side of her knickers and into her cunt and started to fuck her in full view of his friend, the barman, and the owner who were all urging him on. As he rammed in and out his friend was soon fucking Pat in a similar fashion and it wasn't long before both men blasted their cum into the women completely filling their cunts and knickers. When they pulled out thety wiped their cocks on their stockings.

Shottly after that the two business men left but Vera and Pat went on chatting to the barman and the owner until eventually they were both fucked again in similar fashion, Vera by the bartender and Pat by the owner.

I managed to sneak out when they went to the toilet but many a Friday night after that I watched Vera being fucked sometimes by three different men and had a wank in her starched knickers the following day.