Written by Roisin H

19 Oct 2005

On the last Saturday in September, I had arranged to go into Belfast for a night out with two of my married girlfriends, Katie and Lorna. We always went out at the end of the month, when we got our pay and it was our chance to look for a bit of sexy fun, to liven up our lives as housewives.

When I got to Katie's house, Lorna had allready arrived and they were polishing off a bottle of red wine. Katie poured me a large glass and said, "Bad news Roisin, there's a lot of trouble in town and I dont think that we should go out tonight. When my husband gets home from work, i'll ask him to take you both home".

So we sat down and listened to some music and opened another bottle of wine. When Katie's husband, Terry got back from work, she asked him to take us home to west Belfast. He asked her if she was mad and told her that there were cars being burned all over town. Katie told us to stay for the night and go home in the morning.

Terry took off his overalls and went upstairs for a shower and we opened another bottle of wine. We were getting fairly tipsy by this stage and we started chatting about sex, as usual. Roisin said, "What are Lorna and I going to do for a shag tonight. Its allright for you, Katie, you'll be getting fucked senceless later and we'll have to make do with our fingers."

Katie laughed and said, "You can both shag Terry if you want. I don't mind sharing if you dont" I asked Katie if she was serious and she nodded, "Yes". We all went upstairs and stripped down to our g-strings and stockings and Katie sat on the bed, while Lorna and I waited in the spare room.

When Terry walked into the bedroom, wearing only a bath towel, Katie stood up and started kissing him and rubbing his cock. We gave her a couple of minutes and then Lorna and I joined them in the bedroom. Terry made a grab for his towel, but I pulled it away and got on my knees in front of him. Katie offered me his cock and I rolled his foreskin right back and sucked on his helmet.

I ran my teeth up and down his shaft, while Katie watched and asked him if he liked it. Katie sat down on the bed and Lorna took her place and started kissing Terry and letting him touch her breasts and slip his fingers inside her thong and feel her shaved cunt. I felt the tension in his cock, so I wanked and sucked it harder and faster and received about four shots of cum in my mouth and over me boobs. I stood up and Katie took my place and licked the cum from his softening cock.

I went to the bathroom to clean the cum off my cheek and breasts and when I got back, Terry was allready hard and was licking Lorna's cunt as she lay on the bed. Katie was urging him on and kept telling him to fuck Lorna's cunt, so he moved up and Katie helped guide him between Lorna's cunt lips. Katie squatted over Lorna's face and French kissed him, while Lorna tongued and licked her cunt.

Terry quickened his pace and Lorna kept shouting for him to fuck her harder. I heard him groan and he shot his cum inside her, in bursts, but instead of stopping, he kept riding her for ages while she held him tight, between her thighs. When Lorna had drained him, he rolled off her and Lorna turned round to face me. She held her legs wide open and asked me if I wanted to lick her out. I had never gone down on a girl before, never mind a friend, but this seemed like a good time to start, so I got between her legs and started to lap at Lorna's cum filled cunt.

Katie was working on Terry's cock with her lips and she soon had him hard again. They got below the duvet and she guided his cock inside her cunt and he began to slowly fuck it from behind. Lorna got up and went to the bathroom and I climbed into the bed, behind Terry and put my arms around him, as he slow fucked his wife. When Lorna came back, she asked, "Is there room for me," so Katie pushed back a bit to let Lorna squeeze in, in front of her.

We all lay there for about half an hour, while Terry, slowly fucked his wife and when he came inside her, we all drifted off to sleep.