Written by jack

15 May 2006

if only people know that behind closed doors in worcester there are some dirty horny housewifes who think they are so prime and proper down the school but when they have the drink in side them wow

it all started when the women who i will introduce decided to have a girls night my wife was going but at the last moment couldnt make it so she tried to call but couldnt get through so asked me to pop round and apoligise for her.

when i knocked the door lydia opened it now she is sexy size 12-14 big breasts and sexy ass and is always flirting she has a reputation of being a right whore so when she stood there with a low cut blouse i got a right hard on she said never mind to my wifes apsents and asked if i wanted to take her place.

once inside i saw lisa g stacy kate all merry they started to chant the stripper is here and clapping i was going to leave when lydia grabbed my arm and said if i stayed then if i did a strip they would do anything i wanted this was to good to be true

so i said they had to prove it i said right lisa and stacy who normally dont speak to me kiss each other which they did quickly i said no itneeds to be longer so they repeated this under protest then i told them to strip each other off they did this and i see them in their bras and undies i walked over to them both and fondled their breasts lisa had never been touched by any other man but her husband she is not the prettist but i was enjoying making feel uncomfortable stacy is tall and snobbery but she looked great i then unclipped their bras and pulled down their pants so they were naked i ordered them to play with each other on the settee i would be back then i turned to kate and lydia they were playing with each other so i resumed with stripping of they all sopped and looked i said who was first lydia was over like a shot i said no you and kate lick my balls and suck my cock which they did i could see lisa getting embarrsed so i aimed my cock at her and stacy as i came it went all over their faces. i told them to lick off each other.

then i told them to entertain me so i can have a rest kate she is big mouth ginger so i told her to find a cucumber and she could be my slave i told her to start fucking lisa ready for me she started to fuck lisa with the cucumber then i told stacy to lick lisas breasts and then ordered lydia to lick stacy out and finger kate up the ass.

while they were doing this i took some digital photos for later

after a while they were all moaning so i then walked up to stacy and started to fuck her slowly while holding her long hair i then made her lick the cucumber and lisa juices

then i told kate and lydia to smack lisas ass while i fucked stacy when i came inside her i made kate lick me dry then told lydia to get some cream and sprayit on her breasts then kate and lisa licked it off so i could watch while stacy licked her out after a while i was ready again this time it was lisas time she said no so i told the girls to hold her turned her over and fucked her doggy stle just as i was about to come i took it out and then fucked her ass calling her a dirty bitch and came in her ass it was the first time she had been fucked by a different man and now she would be my slave as the others would be untill next time.