Written by john

13 Oct 2006

I have just finished putting some shelving up and whilst having a coffee came to read my favourite site! Gently wanking my 8" cock and scratching my nipples when the door bell went. I hauled my jeans up andgot to the door,opened it to be confronted by two phone salesmen,they started into thier guff, I held my hand up to stop the flow and tell them i was busy."so it seems " said one guy looking down. My jeans were not zipped and still bulging ! our eyes met and he said "I m sure we can offer you something of interest" His oppo smiled and dropped his hand to the front of his trousers. Too good a chance to miss, I thought!They came into the lounge and could see theS H. site still onscreen.I motioned to it and commented that you could read about some fantastic happenings ,mmmm one said " how about having one here?" Help yourselves I said. They wasted no time,I was quickly stripped with 4 hands stroking, probing and tugging at my stiff nipples.THey shed thier kit and offered two slim hard cocks to my ready mouth, I happily slurped both in turn as they held my head onto the pistoning pricks. One left for a moment thencame up behind me.Pushind me to the settee he bend me over and started to finger my tight hole .2A great use for utterly butterly " he said a deft fingers opened me up for the fucking i had wanted. a cock head nuzzled my hole then pressed home . What pain and pleasure! The fucking started really got going then, mouth and arse taking all these 2 strangers could give. They were obviosly intent on a quick finish.My arse got the first load ingreat deep thrusts.He stayed in me as his mate wanked himself into my gagging mouth, I managed the first spurt but he then pulled out an smeared my upturned face with a stream of thick cum. As i was allowed to stand up they both took hold of my cock and rapidly jacked me off. They have now left and I type this with cum drying on my face and seeping from my arse onto my leather chair! couldnt resist sending this while in this state!!