Written by surrey fella

4 May 2004

i know the exact day that this happened, it was the 2nd january 1988 and i was a van delivery driver around london and surrounding areas. i was in my van, which was a mercedes 307d and it`s seating position is quite high up so i could see into cars that came past me or that i pulled up next to! it was great ! i was on my last delivery going up the a40 to high wycombe and as i was going past raf northolt a red vw golf with a lady driver came past slowly. i looked down as i always did and her legs were covered. she pulled in front of me as you do but seemed to slow down a touch so i indicated to go past her and as i did i saw her looking downwards and seemed to be fiddling with something. i got past and pulled in when she then pulled out to overtake me. as she pulled alongside i couldn`t believe it! i`m feeling all shaky about it now as i write this. her skirt was open wide and i saw the most beautiful pair of legs with black stockings and suspenders on. we drove along side by side for a while and she started touching herself. we came to a slight hill and i lost my momentum. this is the maddest bit! before all the new road which is there now, there was a roundabout. the golf has gone down the outside lane and passed a truck, he obviously saw her and speeded up to have a longer look in which he hit a car up the arse flat out knocking the screen out of the truck! she just drove off!