Written by Alan and Tina

11 Jan 2004

On the day of our trip to Scotland we were awake bright and early. We had planned a slow drive to Edinburgh, to arrive at the Hotel at about 4:00PM. This would allow us 4 hrs to get ready for our arranged meeting with Alick.

Tina was excited as well as being apprehensive. I tried to reassure her and told her, that she should not worry about something that was probably not going to happen. I was sure that when we met, Alick, the evening would develop into an evening of friendly conversation, with the promise of a future liaison.

In the past we had never contacted someone, met and got involved all in the same day. This was slightly different as we had become friends first and shared intimacy before actually meeting.

We had a relaxing drive, stopping for lunch and enjoying the Scottish scenery. We booked into the hotel and went up to our room. It was great as we had more than enough time to get dressed. Tina had a long bubble bath and she seemed more relaxed.

When Tina finally started getting dressed, she had a few surprises for me. In the questionnaire Alick had sent us, he had told us what sort of clothing turned him on. Tina had bought her outfit guided by this. A black skirt about 3” above her knee. She wore stockings attached to a suspender belt, a Basque that accented her big breasts and revealed enough to make me stir. Her blouse was white with a silver fleck, whilst of a silk material, was styled similar to a mans dress shirt. She had enough buttons undone to tease. She looked stunning.

As we went down to the restaurant we were both a little tense but curios to meet Alick. Would we recognise him from his photograph? Would he turn out to be the man we had got to know over the phone?

The restaurant was quite full and we were lucky to get a table in the waiting area. I explained to the waiters that we wouldn’t be eating and that we only wanted a few drinks as we were meeting someone. They seemed put out by this and told us we could sit there but might have to move if they got busier.

We had hardly sat down when the phone rang. It was Alick telling us that he was parking the car and would be with us in 5 minutes. The table we had been given was slightly out of the way and had 4 chairs on one side and a walk way on the other. Considering we had, had no choice, it turned out to suit our needs perfectly.

I didn’t need introducing to the big man who walked towards us as I recognised him from his photograph immediately. Alick had told us he was tall but compared to my 5’7” he was a giant 6’5”. He dwarfed me. His grip was firm without trying to prove anything. I could see that there were no hidden surprises and I was pleased how he had taken trouble to dress for the occasion. Tina is very sensitive to hygiene and I could see Alick was freshly groomed. As Tina kissed Alick on the cheek I could see she was relaxed, there was a sparkle in her eye and a flush to her cheeks.

I asked Alick what he would like to drink and went to the bar giving the two of them a chance to get to know each other. When I returned the two of them were chatting away as if they were old friends who hadn’t been in touch for a while and were catching up. The body language was friendly with a hint of intimacy. Tina had her legs slightly towards Alick and I knew he could see the frills at the top of her stockings. She touched him on the arm when she spoke to him and would let it linger there for longer than was necessary.

This was quite unusual for Tina as she is a very reserved person with strangers and doesn’t show her emotions easily. This normally happens only once she has got to know the person well and trusts them.

I could see everyone was relaxed and decided to go outside for a cigarette. I excused myself and left the two of them. (I wander if they noticed I had left) I deliberately took my time even though it was freezing outside and I was shivering my nuts off.

When I got back Alick got up to go to the bar and Tina told me she would like to go to our room as she was really turned on……….Tina takes a long time to make up her mind but when she does there’s no stopping her. Alick returned with the drinks and I could see he had been told things would be going further tonight, these two had obviously spoken about it whilst I had been outside……. My policy is “If Tina is happy, I’m happy”

We finished our drinks and walked up the two flights of stairs to the room, we walked in silence. One thing I have noticed with this type of liaison is that it makes me more aware of my partner and I admired her walk as I appraised her through Alick’s eyes as she walked ahead of us up the stairs and down the long passage. I admired her walk and straight posture, her legs and bum…if I had seen her in the restaurant as a stranger I would have definitely been attracted to her. She looked sophisticated and sexy as opposed too slutty. I don’t think other guests would look at her and guess what she had on her agenda for tonight.

I opened the bedroom door and as we entered I noticed the other two were a bit apprehensive………Strange…….. Alick went and sat on one of the two lounge chairs, I sat on the other and Tina sat on the bed. How to get things going?

Alick had bought us gifts and had given them to us in the restaurant…Nice touch…..

“Have you said thank you to Alick for the gifts?” I now asked Tina.

“Not really” she replied standing up. She moved across to Alick and softly kissed him on the lips. Another soft kiss. Another. The start of a French kiss. Another. I got up and went to the bathroom. When I came back they were standing locked in a long passionate kiss. Alick had undone Tina’s blouse and was running his hands over breasts. I went and joined them and between kissing and feeling Tina. Alick and I undressed her. We were soon undressed and on the bed, taking turns at sucking her breasts and kissing her neck, lips. Touching her all over. Tina was responding and I could sense her arousal.

Tina is the best, most sensual lover I have ever experienced. Letting her partner know her feelings continuously by little gasps or thrusts of her hips or words of encouragement. She guides her lover to her most sensitive areas and you are never in doubt as to if you hit the right spot or not.

Our lovemaking lasted for close to 3 hrs and I can’t say move by move everything that happened. Tina was tongued head to foot, softly and gently, just like she wants it. For all his size Alick was very gentle and a considerate, experienced lover.

Towards the end of our first session, Tina was giving Alick a blowjob and I was slowly penetrating her from behind. God she was so wet and aroused, she had come a number of times and had gushed. Her juices and ours were all over her mound and ran down her thighs. I put an exploratory finger in her tight bum and with all the lubrication it slipped in quite easily. Tina and I have had anal in the past but only after we were both highly aroused. Our best experience of this was when we used to make love in a Spa bath. Alick had asked us in the questionnaire if Tina enjoyed anal and she had said no. This was because in general she doesn’t. I slowly eased my cock out of her and lifted it up to her anus. I left the tip by the entrance and made small circular motions with the head. Tina busy ice cream coning Alick shifted her bum back indicating assent and I slowly inserted my cock into her tight hole. It slipped in nice and easily and I stroked it in and out of her slowly. Tina was bringing us both to the boil and easing off this was becoming too much and Alick started to shoot. Tina took most of it in her mouth, she loves the taste of cock and especially hot fresh cum. Alick had told us he was a heavy cumer. He hadn’t exaggerated. God the boy should join the fire department. Tina kept sucking and stroking. Alick’s cum started overflowing at the corner of Tina’s mouth. Tina gets turned on by a man shooting and I could feel her own orgasm pulsing through her, although her mouth was too full for her to express it.

I only just managed to hold back by pushing my cock deep into her and holding it there. End thrusting her without pulling my cock in or out.

After they were done I pulled out of her and turned her onto her back. Good old missionary style to finish. I built up to a crescendo before we both exploded. We lay quietly for a while and then Alick announced that he had to go as he had to travel 150 miles to a job he was on. I couldn’t believe it was already midnight, the time had gone so quickly.

After Alick had left Tina and I made slow deliberate love and she purred like a kitten.

Looking back the evening had been like a good meal… leaving a good taste in our mouths.. Something we would not hesitate to repeat.

If all single men had the same considerate, gentle manner as Alick has, we would contact more of them….but alas that is not to be as most guys want to fuck with their great big dicks and fuck the “Bitch” like there’s no tomorrow.

We are still in contact with Alick and have become more than friends. The sort of

person we not be embarrassed to introduce to our friends and family.