Written by Will (27)

25 Sep 2004

This happened to me at home, totally unexpected but a really pleasant surprise. I was having problems with my washing machine, it had been on-going for ages. I called the firm ages before the appointment I booked(as I work awkward hours the afternoons are best 4 me). I had completely forgotten the guy was coming to fix my machine. I had went to my bed when the door bell went. I couldn't find my dressing gown so I went to the front door in my boxers and t-shirt.

I was a little embaressed at my atire but showed him the machine and let him get on with it! I went into the living room to watch some telly then I offered him a coffee and whilst I made a cuppa made small talk with him.

Chris(as I was told later) was from Manchester, married, two kids he told me there ages, which helped me work out he was in his late 30's. He was tall, dark and handsome and from the outline in his jeans had a nice sized packet in his pants.

I made his coffee and went back into the livingroom, and soon after he called to advise me the machine was fixed, he asked if I had a load needed doing.

I asked him how much I owed him and needless to say the amount it came to was not what they reckoned it would cost.

As I was putting the clothes in my machine and as I explained things were a little tight, felt his hand on my backside. I never said anything and I let his hand wonder under my boxers and felt his finger start to prod my hole, he commented that money was not the only thing tight around here.

As he poked my tight hole with his finger he suggested I pay him in kind. I agreed! We went upstairs and I put a porn on for him, he asked me to stand at the side of the bed and asked me snog him whilst I undressed him.

His tongue was so powerful, he was moving his tongue around my mouth whilst I undressed him, once he was down to his boxers I kissed down round his neck and down to his nipples and sucked both of them for him whilst feeling his cock. As I suspected he was huge, I was shaking at the thought of tasting his pre-cum as I could feel it dripping into his boxers.

He asked me to sit on the bed, and pull his boxers down. As I was doing so my lips were ready to take his huge member in my mouth, which I was keen to do, unfortunately I couldn't get his whole cock in my mouth, it was long and very thick, I couldn't get my hand around it, but he seemed to be enjoying it from his groans, he forced my head down on his cock and although I was gagging I was loving the experience. I massaged both his balls with my tongue, then sucked one in and then the other, he loved this so much he asked me to continue the process again and again.

He asked me to remove my clothing, well by this stage my t-shirt and he asked me to allow him to lie on the bed and asked me to climb on top in the 69 position, which I done quite willingly.

He advised me he had limited experience with a guy but started to suck me just like I had with him. After a lot of sqirming and moaning he moved me onto my back and asked me to place my legs on his shoulders, he put a condom on and lubed me and his cock up, whilst doing so he put some lube on some of his fingers and proceed to finger fuck me, first one finger, then two, then three.

He commented that for 27 I was in good shape, im 6ft tall and slim built and he advised me that he hadn't fingered such a tight hole before.

He moved into position and I could feel the tip of his cock pushing into my tight hole. He had to push slowly as my hole is so tight and his cock was so thick. Finally after about 10 mins I felt his balls bang against my asshole.

He proceeded to give me the best fuck I had ever had in my life, for someone who had limited experience at fucking a guy he was good, as he fucked me I wanked my cock and before long I was coming, he advised me that he loved the fact my hole tightened around his cock as I was coming, before long I felt his cock totally stiffen deep inside me and he was coming, he seemed to be going at it forever as it was so good I didn't want it to end.

After he had slipped his cock out he lay beside me on the bed, very out of breath, I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. As I returned to the bedroom he was existing to do the same. When he returned I was sitting on the bed in the same position as before, as he reached for his boxers my mouth and tongue was up at his placid cock, and I was sucking his limp cock again. It was a wonderful sensation feeling his cock get erect again in my mouth. Once he was erect again, he bent me over the bed and took me from behind, again he came loads!

We were at it that long the washing was washed in the machine! He thanked me for the experience and left.

I have lots of work to be done in my house so any workmen out there want to come round do a little work and allow me to pay them in kind.