Written by Kim & John.

6 Oct 2005

I am Kim a 32 year old happily married woman. My husband John and I met when we were still in school, I was 15 and he was 17 and until recently I had never been with another man. We were married at an early age much to the disapproval of our families who did not expect our marriage to last. John has been a wonderful caring husband to me and fantastic father to our children, he is everything I could wish for, caring, compassionate, tender the list goes on. Our sex life is a little slower than it once was but it is still fantastic.

Over the years John has made the odd flippant remark about him wanting to watch me fuck another man, I have just dismissed them though and told him I am happy just to be his.

The other night I had a call from a friend who was organising a girly night round at hers as her husband was away on business and asked me if I would like to go round. I was not sure at first as I was very busy with the kids and everything but John suggested I should go and he would drop me off and pick me up etc. In the end I agreed and thankfully decided to go. It was a great night and we all had a good natter and managed to sink our way through a few bottled of wine which by the end of the night was showing we eventually got around to talking about our men and sex lives in general and I soon found myself feeling really horny.

John called at 11:30 to pick me up as arranged and I asked him if he minded dropping Sandra off at home to which he agreed. We dropped Sandra off and headed home as normal. John announced that he had to take a leak and turned off our normal route and headed to a quiet road which I was unfamiliar with but I could see the signs for a local nature reserve. I jokingly asked him if he had another motive for bringing me down a dark lane and told him I hope the car does not break down again with a giggle. We pulled in to this car park and John got out and went to pee round the back of the car and got back in. As soon as he got in the car I threw my arms around him and kissed him passionately and told him how horny I felt as I put my hand on his cock which was already semi hard. Ooh is that for me big boy I joked. We kissed and petted each other a little and John said there were other cars in the car park who might see us. I thought he was joking and replied oh its ok let them watch they will see what they are missing, a remark which was certainly fuelled by alcohol. We kissed and partially undressed each other whilst working our hands over each other. I began to give John oral sex as he played with my pussy. We both climbed in the back of our car and I leaped straight on him impailing myself on him instantly without a care in the world and started to ride him. I opened my eyes and saw a shadow move outside our car and nearly had a heart attack when I looked again to see a guy stood near the car window peering in. I reached out for my coat to cover myself up but John took my hand preventing me getting to it. He whispered I told you there were people watching. I was suddenly feeling incredibly aroused at the thought of a stranger watching us have sex and continued to ride up and down on John’s dick like a wild woman. I looked up to see the guy had his dick out and was wanking furiously, I could not take my eyes off him. I looked up at his face and smiled and he smiled and winked back. John suddenly told me to stop as he was going to come and I tried to continue to ride him but he held me still. All the while I was watching the stranger wank inches from out faces. John said why don’t you lay back and show him what a nice pussy you have, I protested but John encouraged me to play with my pussy for the guy at the window. As the guy came closer to the window John realised that I was in the shadows and that the guy could not see a thing so he put the interior light on. With the reflection on the windows I could not see the guy now but I knew he had a clear view of me. I felt incredibly aroused and excited yet ashamed and unsure. John wound down the window a little and asked the guy if he liked what he saw. I could not hear his reply but John wound the window down fully now. I got a clear view of the guys face who looked around our age quite good lucking and respectable. I could see his arm moving but not his dick as was laid back playing with myself. John asked if I minded him opening the door a bit so we could see each other better. I did not answer as I was very unsure but I guess I did not protest John leaned over and opened it anyway. I now had a clear view of the guy’s dick which looked shorter but fatter than John’s. I was quite transfixed by the sight as I have never seen another mans dick other than in films. John ran his hand along my leg and up to my pussy where he inserted first 1 then 2 fingers inside me then started to finger fuck me. I came almost instantly which is unusual for me as I tend not to come through penetration easily. I could hear my juices squelching and John commented on how wet I was, all the while the stranger was only inches away. The guy unexpectedly asked in a low voice if he we minded him touching me, I did not answer thinking John would now tell him to bugger off, instead John told him he could. I suddenly felt his had on my thigh and a shudder shot through my body like a bolt of electricity. I had 2 men playing with my pussy one a complete stranger. I looked either side and could see both John and the stranger slowly wanking, I reached out and took hold of John’s dick and started to wank him slowly as they both pleasured me. I thought I must have been hearing things when said “You are not going to leave our new friend out are you”, I asked John what he meant as I could not believe my ears. John told me take the guys dick in my hand and wank them both. I was still unsure but John persisted so I obliged. I felt another shudder through my body as I could feel another orgasm coming. I moaned out as I came again and the guys got faster.

I continued to wank John and the stranger slowly. John took my hand off his dick and told me to concentrate on our friend who was now pressed against the door opening. I swivelled around a little and grabbed his dick with both hands as John worked his way behind me and groped my boobs as he nibbled my neck. John whispered in my ear that he wanted to see me suck the guys dick. I leaned forward and began to take the end of his dick between my lips and suck gently. I could hear the guy moaning slightly as I took his dick in my mouth bit by bit and began to bob my head back and forth along his shaft. The guy suddenly groaned and I felt him tense as he shot his load over my face, neck and boobs. He pulled up his pants, thanked us and disappeared in to the night. John climbed in the front as I started to wipe the semen from my face and I joined him. I was very unsure how he felt as we drove home. I though he would be feeling ashamed, angry, disappointed etc. We pulled up at home and John ushered me upstairs and almost ripped my clothes off very passionately and we had the most fantastic sex that I can remember for ages.

I woke the following morning with a huge feeling of guilt and thoroughly ashamed of myself. I began to fix breakfast as John was still on bed. John came down put his arms around me and told me it was the most erotic feeling he had ever felt in his life, dragged me off upstairs again and we made love for ages. We have since talked about the night and John is keen to repeat the experience and wants to see me fucked by another guy, I still have some reservations but I have to confess it was such a thrill. We have placed our first add on here and we will take it from there.