Written by Anon

9 Mar 2005

About 3 years ago I began chatting to Mark, he was a local guy and younger than me but we seemed to get on fine. Over the next few weeks the chat got more intimate, we talked about what excited us and he said he would love to caress my very full breasts and suck my nipples, amongst other things.

We eventually decided to meet one night, just to see if we liked what we saw. Neither of us could stay out long that night so agreed that we'd just meet on the road close to where I lived and say hello just long enough to see if things would go further.

My heart was pounding as I reached the road unsure quite what to expect.I'd been there about 5 or 10 minutes when I saw a stranger walking towards me.I instinctively knew it was 'him', although neither of us knew what the other looked like beforehand. I was so excited but disappointed too, he was very good looking and I thought that he would never go for someone like me. As Mark walked past he just said ' Hi ' and was as though an electric current had passed through my body, it was breath taking. The nipples he so wanted to see and touch, began to ache beneath my clothes and I felt a tingle between my legs.

I carried on walking while my legs would hold me up, then I looked back to find that he'd turned to walk past me again.He just said 'meet you in the alley over the road in 2 minutes.'and continued walking away, then he crossed the road and disappeared around the corner.I couldn't believe it - he'd actually liked what he seen!

I crossed the road knowing that he would be entering the alley from the other side and we'd meet somewhere in the middle. The alley was well lit, as it was a public walkthrough, but certain parts were quite secluded.

I could hear voices chattering somewhere nearby and wondered if the people they belonged to had any idea what might be about to happen very close by.

What seemed like ages later I saw him coming towards me, so I slowed until he was in front of me. I could tell he was as aroused as I was by meeting like this.

He said something like ' I didn't think you'd turn up ' I replied that I'd thought the same thing but was glad he had.

Then he asked if he could see what he'd come to see, so I undid my top. His breathing quickened and as I moved my bra he gasped and groaned. His touch was wonderful, so gentle but eager as he pulled at my nipples making them hard. I told him I wanted to feel his mouth sucking at them and he wasted no time doing as I wanted. It was heaven,the tingling between my legs grew more intense and I was getting very wet. I began to unzip Mark's jeans so that I could feel his now obviously very hard cock. As I took him in my hands I knew that one day I wanted to feel him deep inside me, but for now I would have to make do with what we were doing. His cock was very hard and long and I ran my fingers along its length, around its shaft and around the tip wet with pre-cum. I raised my fingers to my mouth to smell his sexy scent, mmmmmm.

Just as things were getting heated, the voices seemed to get closer and we jumped apart for fear of being seen.We both had alot to lose by being seen like that.

With the magic having gone, we adjusted our clothing, said bye and walked away in different directions, we just knew that we'd meet again though and we both wanted more.

Mark and I are still meeting now after almost 3 years and he has introduced me to dogging, we haven't been yet but hope to do soon, so watch this space......