Written by Mike and Pam

25 Mar 2004

Whilst trying an experimental threesome with our friend John, we discovered my wife’s heightened levels of arousal when we treated her like a slut. Over the following weeks, we often found ourselves discussing new ways of taking things a little bit further, perhaps even introducing one or more strangers into the scenario. It was after another night drinking with John that we came up with the idea of using the cinema for this. With its low lighting we could perhaps discretely involve others without fear of offending anyone or being arrested. John said that he knew a small place in the town which showed erotic films. This seemed like a good ideal as the place was not very busy in the daytime and it was very unlikely that we would be recognised by anyone in the darkness.

Pam went along with the idea and we decided to visit the adult cinema on Friday lunchtime. The day soon arrived and Pam decided to dress up for the occasion, putting on a silk blouse and a very short skirt with her sexiest underwear adding the final touches. She looked amazing, but as we left home she decided to hide her outfit form the neighbours under a long raincoat as we both felt that it was a little inappropriate for day time wear. We didn’t really have a plan of action for this actual visit, deciding that even if no on else joined in, it would still be a thrill playing around with Pam in a public place. John finished work early on the Friday so we arranged to meet him in a nearby pub for some liquid courage before going on to the cinema. Pam decided to keep her coat on throughout, so as not to attract too much attention.

We were all quite exited as I sat down to one side of Pam and my friend John to the other.

I could see her looking around to check who else was in there. It was a small cinema with just a hand full of customers of various ages and not surprisingly she seemed to be the only girl in the place. I grinned and winked at John, he knew exactly what I had in mind. As soon as the lights went down and the movie came on, I reached over and began to unbutton her blouse. She protested a little at first, embarrassed that people might see, but John whispered something in her ear and then kissed her gently on the lips, she responded to him and as she leaned forward in her seat I took the opportunity and gently unclipped her bra. We had her blouse completely open and for a while John and I played with her tits and nipples, until she felt comfortable with the idea that maybe no one could see us.

After a while Pam simply chose to close her eyes and pretend not to pay attention to

to what was going on. It was quite a long time before she realised that about half a dozen of the other guys in the cinema had moved onto the row behind us and were eagerly watching us feeling her tits. When she did realize what was going on, she appeared to lose her nerve and closed up her blouse and got up to leave. We grabbed her before she could get out of the row we were sitting in, pulling her back down in the end few seats. Before she knew what was happening, we took hold of her blouse and pulled it off over her head, then as we held her hands. Pam sat there topless in the middle of us. Realising what was on offer, It wasn’t long before the guys behind us started to slide their hands over the back of the seats to feel at her naked breasts. I could see the white flesh of her tits as they were palpitated by a sea of groping hands. It was quite a spectacle to watch and before long no one was looking at the movie anymore. All the guys that hadn’t yet had a turn, made up for it now as they squeezed her naked breasts and rubbed her erect nipples. She was clearly very aroused and after a only a few moments she seemed to completely lose her inhibitions and just lay back and let us do whatever we wanted to her.

She gradually let her legs fall open and I slid my fingers into her soaking pussy. To my surprise and despite our audience, she covered my hand with hers, pressing my fingers deeper inside her and then she leaned her head towards me and whispered in my ear, “you can both fuck me right here if you like”. I didn’t need asking twice and I sat Pam on John’s knee positioning her so everyone could get a good view. The guys watching us couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw him fingering her pussy with her tits hanging out. He had Pam on his lap with her legs spread outside of his. She rested back against his chest topless, whilst he had one hand in her panties and the other toyed with her exposed tits. All the guys gathered around us looking into Pam's open crotch. Her eyes fixed on their faces as his three meaty fingers were fucking obscenely in and out.

We removed her underwear and took turns to finger her, to the delight of our audience, then John lowered her slowly onto his cock shoving it hard into Pam’s wet cunt. We all watched for a moment as his big cock fucked roughly in and out of her, then while I had her by the hair and started humping her face. The other guys closed in and were kneeling on either side of her, jerking off with one hand and slapping and squeezing her big hanging tits with the other.

The men had an even better view when John pulled his cock out and a flood of semen plopped out onto the seat, then dripped steadily from her widely-gaping hole. The guys were content to hold her in this obscene pose, so I took her by the tits for support as John stepped away. I got my lips over her right ear and softly whispered as I rolled her hard nipples in my fingers, "You're a fucking hot little slut, aren't you? You ready for some more cock."

I got behind her and entered her cunt again, bending her firmly over the seat, where she took a strangers cock into her mouth sucking hard on it while I pounded her sloppy pussy. Her hanging tits looked adorable, so I squeezed them hard with both hands, making her gasp. She responded grinding her loins on my cock, while deep sucking and jacking off the one in her mouth. As we both came, her body sucked cum from two cocks and she climaxed again in the process.

After that, we laid her across the seats on her back then stepped back as the other guys converged on her from every angle. Twenty-four hands roamed her body and probed every orifice. We laid her in a wide spread-eagle, and she remained that way throughout, whilst the guys groped her mercilessly.

After those guys had finished with her, she had no inhibitions. We laid her on the floor in the middle of a circle of men. John got on his knees with his hard cock bobbing over her mound. Pam lifted her pussy and captured his cock with it. She fucked herself on his cock as John stayed still, then she took each man in turn the same way and frigged her clit while doing it.

Watching her fuck all those guys was the most erotic sight I'd ever witnessed, and it was all I could do to keep from wanking myself. When the last man finished, John was aroused again and wanted one more ass fuck. Pam dutifully got on her hands and knees and laid her shoulders to the floor, sticking her ass up while reaching back to pull her cheeks wide apart. The men gathered at her ass to watch John’s cock pry its way into her colon. Her sphincter appeared to be gripping at his cock as it entered. She kept her cheeks pulled apart for the men to see better. When John came, he pulled out and squirted her ass and cunt with his cum. While she held this position, I let another of the strangers fuck her in the cunt, but he pulled out and shoved his cock hard up her ass when he came.

Another two of the guys received blow jobs while sitting in their seats with Pam kneeling at their feet. Boy she had learned a few things over the past months and she certainly knew how to suck cock while giving the best visual spectacle. She drew off allowing the first jets of hot cum to splash on her face and lapped at the spurting cocks, taking most of their load in her face and open mouth. When she drained the last cock, she sat back on her heels in a submissive pose, awaiting instructions, allowing the sperm to run down her face to drip on her tits, licking at any within reach of her tongue while massaging the sperm into her nipples.

I told her to masturbate, and she obediently reclined on her back with her legs wide, giving us the most obscene demonstration using both hands. Pam moaned quietly as she gently fingered her swollen clit. Her head lolled about on her shoulders as she bit her lower lip and groaned. I stepped in front and stuck my cock right in her face, gently rubbing the head on her lips and she opened her mouth. She sucked me in and used her hands on my cock and aching balls until I jetted another load of hot cum into the back of her throat.

When we all finally finished with Pam, she was a spermy mess, sprawled on her back across the cum spattered seats, we gathered up her discarded clothing from the floor and escorted her to the ladies so she could clean herself up before discretely leaving by an emergency exit. Once outside in the bright daylight, John helped her on with her coat to cover the stains and wet patches on her clothing and we called a taxi to take us home. Once inside we couldn’t resist Fucking Pam one last time before she took a shower, We enjoyed the experience so much, that Pam and I have been back there, both with and without John on a number of occasions.

I think that the regulars are getting to know us now and Pam never disappoints them, allowing them to take more liberties with her each time we visit.