Written by Grog

17 Apr 2005

My brother was visiting from his home in Florida and had been staying with us for a few days. One night as the three of us were sitting aroung the kitchen table having a few drinks I suggested a game of strip poker.. My wife joked that I only suggested it cause I knew she wouldn't strip if she lost and I wouldn't want her too anyway so

she said okay wise guy let's play. My wife said that

rather than taking off our items of clothing as we lost

we should write the items down on a sheet of paper as we lost them then when the game was over we would all have

to take off what we had lost. The gamae would end when someone had lost it all. Well, it wasn't long before my wife had lost it all and it was time to pay up.

My brother and I teased her of course and told her to take it all off. She asked me if I was sure I wanted her to do this and I said hell yea.. She said she'd rather go in to the bedrrom and get undressed and call us when she

was ready. It wasn't long before she called out from the bedroom " okay come on in I am ready". Dwon the hal;l and into the bedroom we went. My wife was lying in bed covered by a sheet. She told me that it had to be my decision, it was up to me to take off the sheet and expose her to my brother. I said I love you hon and slowly removed the sheet

untill she wa completely uncovered. It felt really strange at first to see her lying there naked in front of my brother but extremely erotic at the same time.

Next thing I know my brother and I are both on the bed eacb

sucking on her breasts. I slid my had down to shove a finger in her vagina only to find out my brother had gotten there first. My wife was really getting turned on as she had never experienced anything like this before. My brother than sat on her chest and pressed his cock against her lips. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and teasingly circled the tip with her tongue then with a gulp she took him full in her mouth. I could not believe how turned on I was getting watching my wife suck my brother's cock. By know they had rolled over and he was on the bottom

her head bobbing up and down as she sucked him off.

My brother told her she had better stop or he was going to cum. She got off of him and layed on the bed with her legs

spread and he quickly mounted her. He pressed the head of

his cock against her cunt and with one quick thrust he was

in her, I couldn't believe another man's cock was in her and

I was watching.. He was really giving it to her and she was arching her back and pushing to match each of his strokes.

She began to scream "I'm cumming, Oh my God I'm cumming and

man he certainly was too has he gave one lst thrust and pumped his cum deep into her. I pushed my brother aside and

fucked my wife like I had never fucked her before, it was awesome to fuck her while my brother watched.. We all lay there and fell asleep on the bed. I was awakened at some point during the night by the sounds of my wife and brother going at it on the living room sofa. That got me aroused all over again, but din't get my turn till morning as she spent the rest of the night with him.. That was the first such experience for the three of us and we wiil never forget.