Written by Paula

11 Oct 2006

Paula here we have not long got back from Gran Canaria Peurto Rico on a cheap holiday.

We arived about 3am in the morning and didnt rise till about 11 whent down to the pool had a bite to eat and the to the poolside to get some rays.

The pool was packed and the only good sun spot was the gallery set up some steps overlooking the bay where there were about 8 sunlounger. we were on our own so the towels whent down the top of the new bikini came off and my pert 32Ds were on show and oiled up ,its holiday time and the bikini bottoms were no more than a thong for max tan.

After about half an hour two lads came up in their shorts and set down on the beds beside me. Tom picked up on the accents They were Welsh same as us but from South Wales.I was introduced to Huw and Ian and as I said hello I could see they were not looking at my face. We had a few drinks and they were in and out of the pool and getting a few beers down, when Tom said your flasing all the side of your gask to them in that bottom.

I glanced down and no matter how I positioned it my fanny lips were showing, tough I said and T told me thats why theyre going in the pool to cool off.

Spread you legs when theyre bach and see what happens.

They came back and I cassually split my legs and arms starfish like with my eyes closed and I didnt need telling what happened the thong slipped right in my fanny.

T smiled and I could see their stares.

You need more oil said Tom ,I agreed and thought T would put it on but he said Im just going to see about food tonight get the lads to put it on for you.

He handed them the oil and whent leaving two lads who we dicovered were 18 and 19 not knowing if it was their birthday.

Do my back and legs I said and rolled over Ian started on my back and Huw my legs both working their way to my bum.

As they did I could feel how wet I was and having two pairs of hands on my body was teriffic.

I openned my legs and sighed saying dont miss "any where"will you boys,there was a silent pause and Ian said everywhere ,yep I said.

two pairs of hands then slipped in my bikini bottoms,and they were fighting for my fanny and before I knew it my bottoms were by my ankles.

I touched Ians cock in his shorts not big but hard.

Just the the waiter came to clear the tables ,bottoms up and acting very polite the waiter asked if all was ok.

I stood up still toples and said to the lads I'd better come and get my stuff from your room,Silence then Ian said yeh we will take you.

Huw whent first me next then Ian and as I passed the bar I saw T on the far side give a little wave.

Huw openned the door and the room was really untidy,sorry about the mess he said and stood not knowing what to do so I slipped off my flip flops and with a long staight stretch pulled my bottoms off showing my clean waxed and very wet fanny,what a feeling being naked wiyh these lads not moving so I pinched my nipples and slipped my finger in my clit. Huw was first to move and cupped my tits theyre small but very firn with solid nipples,Ian dropped his shorts and his hard cock about 6" was standing to attention.

He moved to the front of me and tried to enter me but only found Huws hand.

Before Ian could do anything Huw pushed me forward ,had dropped his shorts and was in my soaking wet fanny,Ian moaned so I pulled his cock to my mouth and it was a nice fit and tastad of the pool water and precum.

Can I shag you on the balcony Huw asked the couple next door are at it all the time there and I want to get my own back.

I was that wet and horny by then I would have donr it by the pool,so the patio was openned and I bent on the rail with Huw pumping me and Ian stretchid my nippled and pushing his cock in my face for a blow job and for some reason he tasted great but it was short lived as Ian came in my mouth tugging on my hair and nearly the same time Huw pulsed and spurted inside me.

I stepped back and said ok was it lads ,fuckin marvelous aws the reply in a valleys accent and I whent back to tell T at the bar only for him to take me for a session in our room on the balcony. We met the lads and two of their mates when waiting for a taxi in the Europa Centre that Night will tell you about that again. Paula aged 38 and horny