Written by jon and fe

17 Jul 2005

hi,this happened on wednesday.we live in coventry and for the last 2 months weve been in the garden getting a tan.living in a terrace means we dont get much seclusion,and the white lines looked stupid.we have been to studland before but its a round trip of 335miles,we got to sand banks and waited for the ferry across to studland.walking along the beach that leads to the nudist beach and the dunes behind.we plotted up near the back of the beach lost the clothes and enjoyed the feelng of being naked outdoors for the first time this year.

near to us were 5/6 couple and behind us in the dunes were about 30 single men dotted about either kneeling down or standing up like mere cats(very funny to watch)occaisionally the men would wobble down the beach sweating like fuck and go and cool off in the sea.we joked to each other that they were probebely fucking eachother cooling off and then going back for more.

we chatted to a few other couples and short of sayying (fancy a 4sum in the dunes)didnt go any further but most said they looked forward to see us again soon.

the beach is not just nudist in that clothed people can walk through it,standing wth my cock dangling down was great when you saw a fit girl walking clothed down the beach, they couldnt help but look,fe my partner was gettng alot of attention and guys were making a b line to get a good look up her legs to see she was completely shaven and if they got close enough they could also see how wet she was.

we went into the water and played around with a ball.seeing fe naked and wet was enough for me and i dragged her into the dunes,quickly found a secluded spot and for the first time i realised how fucking hot it was up there,talk about suntrap(maybe the mere cats wernt fucking eachother just fucking hot)the sun was in my eyes but that didnt matter as they were mostley shut as fe was giving me a right see to.i heard a rustling a few feet away and looked up,i couldnt see any one but heard a coulple bickering.she was sayying "i dont care whats going on"he said"go on have a look" "its probebly just 2 men fucking again" i heard her say "wrong again"the guy replied.all this was making me laugh but fe had other ideas and started to really go to town on me.

i looked past her and was almost shocked to see that there were 15 or so guys in our natural ampitheater sat there all wanking there cocks.one was just feet away from fe and was shroking her legs while her fist was a blur.

i shot a huge load all over the place.we both got up laughing and thanked all the guys for beng such well behaved peverts and skipped of into the sea to wash off.weleft the beach around 7 and it was a shame to have to get dressed again.waiting for the ferry back a lot of guys were smiling big cheshire cat grins and were obviously

the same guy that were wanking while whatching us.so if you were one of the guys wankin,we hope we made your day

as you helped to make ours.