Written by luvsex_3

24 Jul 2006

After i caught my stunning wife fucking another man and fucking her spunk filled pussy as soon as he had left i asked her how she had met this guy,

Helen told me that they had both flirted while she was on a girlie night out a couple of weeks previously "remember when i came home really horny and woke you by straddling your face" she asked " well the whole time you were licking and fucking me i was fantasising about screwing mark, then he text me on the thursday morning asking if i remembered him, the texts soon got really steamy and he sent me a picture message of his thick hard cock so i invited him round and spent the next hour getting myself ready for him bath, freshly shaved pussy and a short fuck me outfit.

By now i was horny again and slid my cock into her slippery pussys once again and fucked spunk load number three up her while telling her how much i loved watching her pussy being stretched by his cock.

About a week later i was at work when my phone rang helen told me that mark had text her asking to fuck her again and asked would i like to listen to the two of them fucking "fucking right i woud" i replied "then find a layby pull over and get your cock out, the next time your phone rings just listen", i found a layby pulled the curtains of my truck around and got naked my cock was throbbing and tingling at the prospect of my stunning wife getting that thick cock again about 10 minutes went by before the phone rang i was shaking when i pressed the green button as i listened i heard helen answer the door and say "hi mark" " you look fucking gorgeous" came the reply i spent the next 40 minuites listening to my wife being licked and fucked to several orgasms mark spunked first in her pussy then over her tits as he gave her his juice i also spunked all up over my stomach and chest all the time helen was being very vocal so i knew exactly what was going on i couldn't wait to get home and stick my cock in her and cum up there aswell which is exactly what i did and as i fucked her i told her it was time she screwed both of us together.

I told her to arrange to meet him saturday evening (22/07/06) in town as i wanted to fuck her while his cum was fresh in her greedy pussy she had two days to sort it all out, when i got in from work friday i asked if she had spoken to mark yes she said i've told him that you know all about us fucking and that i want two cocks together he told me i was a greedy cow but couldn't wait to fuck me while i suck another cock.

we met mark in a local pub he was a bit nervous at first but soon lightened up as i told him how much i loved my wife playing with other cocks, after a couple of bottles of wine helen asked if we could all go back to ours as her panties were soaking from all the horny chat that was going on so we got a taxi home, once there helen said that she was going to freshen up and when she returned she wanted both mark and i to be naked, as soon as she left the room we did as instructed and waited for her return i couldn't help but look at his cock which was both thicker and longer than mine when helen returned she had changed into her short denim skirt tight white top and black shoes with chrome heels she had fluffed her long blonde hair and put on a thick layer of sticky lip gloss, she pulled up her little skirt and started to rub her pussy slipping two fingers in while looking at the two hard naked horny men sitting on the sofa infront of her " can i suck his cock" she asked "you can do what ever you want" i replied, helen nealt inbetween his legs and kissed him while gripping his cock and slowly wanking it she lowered her head and while looking right into my eyes began to lick his thick hard shaft all over before taking it further and further into her hot mouth she moved her spare hand over and started to wank my trembling cock while she sucked mark harder and harder she got him right to the edge then stopped and told him to lick her out she turned her self around and sat on the sofa inbetween my legs and lent back against me, mark got his tounge down to her pussy and licked her deeper and deeper i was pinching her hard nipples and her head was turned so that we could kiss all of a sudden her kiss got really hard as she has a huge orgasm which resulted in her first ever female ejeculation it was so powerfull that i had to support her " OH FUCK THAT FELT GOOD !" she gasped "i want some cock in my pussy" she demanded, leading mark through to the dining room she sat him on one of the chairs and facing him straddled his cock gripping it firmly helen rubbed the tip around her swollen lips before sliding the whole length inside her and screwing every inch making sure i could see her pussy being stretched by his thickness she leaned back and played with her clit which soon had her cumming all over him, helen was screwing him really hard by now and soon mark said that he was gonna spunk " do it in my fucking pussy i want every drop" helen gasped mark started unloading deep inside her as soon as she was sure she had every drop up her helen stood up straight legged and bent over mark while there juice was running down her thighs demanded that i fuck her slutty pussy while it was full of fresh spunk, this was what i had wanted to do my whole adult life so i slid straight into her she was kissing mark and playing with her clit and as i spunked in her she shuddered to another orgasm.

helen had another two loads up her pussy before mark had to leave and once he'd gone she laid on the bed and fucked herself twice more while i wanked over her tits.

we're all going to make these sesions a regular thing, i'll keep you updated