Written by David and Julie

17 Oct 2003

We screwed each other at every opportunity over the weekend,julies pussy was sore and very pink but she couldnt get enough,the whole thing with Andy had awakened something in her and she was so damn horny....the house warming where she screwed Jeff,ok he wasnt a stranger but it moved very quickly to the point where he was emptying his balls into my wife in less than 3 hours from our arrival there and making arrangements to meet him at our home on the Tuesday with only one thing on her mind,i wasnt objecting i loved the way she reacting.She had a spring in her step again and i think she liked knowing other guys fancied her so much.

We went to our local Marriott on the sunday morning with the kids for a swim,there was several people there who we knew and chatted to ,there was a couple of guys who always had taken notice of julie in the gym and she d chatted to them before but nothing beyond that,they were in the jacuzzi while we were in the pool,she had a tight high cut bikini on which clung to her features very nicely,showing the shape of her nipples and lips of her pussy clearly,I mentioned to her that they were lusting after her,she said she might just go and get out of the pool beside the jacuzzi and get in with them,she wouldnt have said that a fortnight earlier less still do it,i said do you think your brave enough knowing how clingy her costume was....she asked me if i would mind,no was the answer ,so she said see u later and swam to the end of the pool and walked slowly up the steps and got into the jacuzzi with steve as i later found out his name and his mate...my cock sprung to attention fortunately under the water....she was just so horny.

She kept both of her arms around the top edge of the jacuzzi with the water level just splashing her boobs and i cud see the darkness of her nipples from where i was,the two guys were talking to julie and she was laughing and flirting away.......i was keeping the kids occupied with one eye on the jacuzzi....Steves mate got out of the jacuzzi and said his byes and went to get changed,about 5 mins later steve got out and i was sure he had the start of a hard on but he headed into the sauna,steam suite....julie waved me over to the jacuzzi and told me they had made comment about her bikini and they loved it,steve had been cheeky and said he would like to see her without it,she had teased him and said show me yours and i ll show you mine.......it was when his mate left he said he was going into the sauna if she wanted to follow him in hewould show her his,she laughed and off he went ......she asked me what i thought i didnt know what to say but my cock was getting hard at the thought,Julie said she d like to see what his cock was like and who knows what might happen,the pool area was quiet but i didnt know how busy the sauna area was,so i said id go and have a quick check.......it was obvious i had a hard on as i got out of the pool and had to adjust myself......i walked thro ,i checked the steam room it was empty, and there was another couple and steve in the sauna,when i came back and was telling her who was in the couple walked out,Julie kissed me and asked me if i was ok about this,i just said go for it girll and have fun,i said i ll get the kids ready and off she went into the


I got the kids changed but my mind was wondering what was going on.....I decided to just pop back in to the suite and see if i could see any thing , it was difficult to see into the sauna without been seen but i could see julie on the top leve l with her back to the far wall,her knees were raised and her legs apart but i couldnt see him ,I returned to the kds in the changing room therewas only us about i got showered and changed and was just going out as he came in we exchanged see yous and off we went into the bistro area i got the kids a drink and waited.........steve came out ,waved and left . Julie came across give me a kiss and winked we settled the kids into the play area and she told me what happened.....he had thought she wasnt going in,but she teased him and said how cud she miss his offer....theyd had a laugh about it and he said she should show him first then she would see him in a better light,meaning he would be hard..they climbed onto the top level with his back to the door side and juli facing it........so she teased him and slid her top apart allowing her nipples to become visible,he told her how horny she looked and he started rubbing him self through his swim shorts as julie played with her nipples.......she told him it was his turn..... he eased his shorts down and wanked the end of his cock as more and more came into view,he was cut,im not and she had never seen a circumcised cock in the flesh,she d raised her legs and spread them and pulled her bottoms across to give him a view of her pussy,and held her lips open....he was rubbing his cock,staring at her cunt,she was turned on watching him wank and to use her phrase his bell end was very big ,he asked if he could fuck her but she said no,you can finger me, he did, and his spunk shot out of his cock all over the platform,she got some on her fingers and rubbed it on her nipples and over the little hair she had on her pussy.....i got to taste it that afternoon....god was she hot.

He asked her if she could get out one night and meet him for a drink, she wondered how i felt about that i told her as long as it was somewhere she wasnt likely to bump into anyone we knew it was fine by me, she told him she would call him that night and let him know if it was possible....we shagged each others brains out that afternoon thinking about it........she rang him at 9.30 that night,we were in bed i had my cock in my hand wanking listening to Julie talking to one of her next lovers,he was telling her what hed like to do to her. He wanted to fuck her cunt,fuck her mouth and fuck her bum,she told him thats what she wanted and she wanted to go home with all 3 holes full of his spunk....mine shot out all over my belly just listening to her.....we made great love that night and she arranged to meet him on the thursday,two days after shed arranged to meet jeff...tell you more