Written by karl f kuckelman

30 Jan 2006

I attended a seminar in Bankock, Thailand which professed the submissive husband, dutifully obeying and taking good care of his wife. The tall Chinese girl who taught me kept insisting that I was to make sure that when my wife humilated me that it was good for me and I was never to lose my temper and soon I would enjoy the role.

The seminar lasted three days and included role playing in which she played the part of my wife who was living in Japan as I was in the American Air Force. She insisted after four hours of the third day that when my wife, Mary informed me that she wanted to go out on a date I wasn't to question it but only comment that it sounded exciting. To emphasize and discipline me to the mode that I was to play she slapped my face and made me repeat the sentences she was plying me with. This tall girl was someone I just couldn't argue with and I gladly complied with her reasonably sincere demands.

For the fee of the seminar, a book was sent to my wife which expounded on the dominate wife's behavior toward a submissive husband. I was not allowed to read or even glance through the book but from my wife's subsequent behavior I could see that I was on my way to becoming a submissive and complacent husband.

Before long my wife had me doing household chores and making sure that I didn't touch her inappropriately. I fell into this routine and the kids recognized this behavior as a dutiful father and helpful husband.

A number of times in bed my wife rubbed her thumb across my nipple but denied me any sex but I was now so submissive that I had no idea of saying anything. A good bit of her time was spent reading the book from Thailand and three weeks after I had taken on the total submissive role, she whispered in my ear just after we got into bed that she was going out on a date Friday night. I started sweating and said that it sounded exciting. Her next comment was to ask if I knew who she was going out with and I replied that it was probably with Richard, the tall handsome ball player that she spent so much time dancing with at the club.

She replied "That's right and what kind of date do you think it's going to be?" I said "I don't know." She replied, "I'm going to get laid and find out what a good big dick feels like. You can't take care of me. You can't fuck and you're short on Dick about three inches. Now what have you got to say to that."

I replied, "I'm sorry that I can't take care of you any better,but I'll try harder"

" Forget it, You just can't hack it.

" Mary,you are going to cuckold me?"

"That's right, and I'm going to do it real good."

"Tomorrow I'm stopping at the store to get me some nice pants and a hook-in-front bra. Also a house dress that buttons or zips all the way down front."

"Please, Mary, I'll try to do better." "You heard me say that I am going to cuckold you and I want you to stop whining. Now lick my hand while I go to sleep."

When we were dancing at the club Friday night, I saw her kissing Richard and I knew she had just told him that she would drive him back over to Yokota Air Base which was eight miles away. It made my balls crawl to see them kiss but I knew that it was inevitable and that she would soon tell me that it was time to take me down to the house so she could change clothes and drop me off. Just before we left the club she made it a point to humiliate me a bit more as she said right in front of Richard, "You know where your place is."

When we arrived home, she went straight to the bedroom and changed clothes. Suddenly the bedroom door opened a crack and she said, "Karl come in here."

When I stepped inside the room she held open the housedress revealing heer beautiful figure with her face all made up and those nice pants and bra. "You look gorgeous," I said as I took two steps closer. I just reached out to feel that nice ass of hers when she slapped my face. It was only a gentle slap but it quickly put me back in my submissive mode. "I'm sorry but I just-----."

"You just what? "Now get out of my way while I go get you cuckolded. You can sit here until you get sleepy and then go to bed knowing that Richard is getting this nice ass that you can't take care of. In about an hour you'll be a cuckold. Will you like that?"

I was in bed when she came in and slipped into bed beside me. I was aware of something in my face, right under my nose. She was putting her pants under my nose and the particular spot was the crotch which was wet and slick. I inhaled and caught the female tang of her.

"Hey Short Dick, I sure got stuck good tonight. His dick reached up where you've never been and he rammed me for forty minutes. How do you like hearing that, cuckold?

"You may never get my ass again, because he wants another date, and I told him that you wouldn't mind because I'd let you eat me."

I feel humilated and submissive but she has complete dominance over me now and the humiliation is relieved somewhat when I see how happy she is when she dances with and kisses Richard.

They have made me into a first class submissive cuckold but I get to eat her and listen to hear her tell me how Richard slips her pants off while she runs her hands over his big broad chest