Written by emily

22 Jun 2006

hi its me emily hiya ppl last night i was so bloody hornie i couldt und to my mums friend or my mum would start to ask qs why im spending so much time around there so i decided to come on the internet and have abit of fun i was chatting to this guy about 47 he was married with kids but he just loved young pussy he asked me if i was shaven which i told him that i was nice and smooth he said wow i wish that i could lick your pussy hole now god i wish that he could as well i was dripping wet then he sent me some pics of his huge cock bloody hell i wanted it in my mouth i told him that i was rubbing my pussy and that i wanted cock then i asked him where abouts he was from he told me which was about an hours drive from me so i asked him if he wanted to meet up now which he said yes we met at the pubpark as soon as he got out of his car i walked over to him he said get in we drove to some lane off the road and then i got his cock out wow it was huge and thick i started to kiss the tip of his cock while he was taking my top off i had no bra on so it was easy for him to get to my tits ooooooo babe you got nice tits as he started to flick his tongue over them well i was busy sucking his cock mmmmmmmmm suck harder babe as i sucked harder he let out a huge groan as he was pushing it in futher and futher i was gagging on his cock swallowing down his hot creamy spunk did t waste a drop he pulled me up by my hair and said sit on my face i want to lick that pussy oh boy i was soaked with juices as i rocked on his tongue mmmmmmm yes i had cum lots all over his face and dripped down on his chin as he flicked his tongue over my clit fingered my arse at the same time then his mobile phone went off it was his wife ;lapping up my hot juices mmmmmmmm then he answered his mobile and said that he was on his way home now as i was fingering my hole drippin with juices and rubbign it over my hard stiff nipples teasing him he was trying so hard not to moan as i was pushing my nipples into his face his wife shouted down the phone hurry up with that he hung up and sucked on my nipples so hard and said ride me you fucking teasing slut so i got on top of him and rode his cock up and down it was hmmmmmmmmm then i felt all my juices run down on to his balls thats when i got down there and sucked on them he couldt take much more and he spunked all over my face rubbed his cock over my lips as i stuck my tongue out to taste him on the way back to the pubpark he said leave your thong off i want to finger you as he was giving me a good finger his wife called again this time he put it on loudspeaker it was so hornie her husband with his fingers up my wet hole then tasting my juices it must have got him all excited because when we got back to the pubpark he was hard again but this time i bend over the side of the car and i begged him to fuck me hard which he stood behind me and opened my legs abit then he rammed his cock up my arse and fucked me very hard while he rammed his fingers up my pussyhole oh yesssssssssss god your a right fucking little slut you hornie little bitch as he filled me up mmmmmmmm whn i got hom,e i went back on the internet and seached for more cock so if you older men out there who wants a good blow job give me a call emaily