Written by HappyHunter

19 Oct 2004

A couple of weeks ago a couple in their 50's sent me an email in reply to my advert and asked if I fancied a drink at their local and then take it from there.As they were only a couple of miles away I decided to walk and all the time I was thinking of seeing Sue in the flesh(she was a large lady with big bouncy tits and a smooth hairless fanny which had large suckable lips).I arrived at the pub agreed upon and saw it was quite small and as I went to the bar I had a quick look round to see if they were there and the barmaid asked me what I fancied and being a man I struggled to take my eyes off of her tight t-shirt and asked for a pint of stella and then found a corner of the pub to sit in and waited and waited.Three pints of stella later I was just about to give up when in they walked and Sue came right up to me and gave me a big bear hug and kiss and apologised for being late and took my hand and led me off and a few of the men in the pub winked at me which either meant they fancied me or they had taken part in fun and games with these two as well.Sue had her arm intwined in mine as Les walked ahead and I told Sue that I was about to leave before she came in and she told me she would make it up to me and again kissed me but this time full on the lips and we were playing tongue tennis as when Les turned round and smiled to tell me we had arrived.To say I was surprsied to find we had arrived at an old shed in a field was an understatement and befopre I knew it Sue was indoing her coat to reveal a red two piece undie set with suspenders and stockings.She asked me what I thought and I just moved forward and grabbed her big tits and massaged them and felt her moan and the next bit shocked me as Les started to undo my trousers and soon had my erect cock out and started to wank it and then Sue ordered him to sick it and I was about to complain when Sue undid her bra and freed her big black globes of flesh and suffocated me as Les took my cock in his mouth and sucked all the shaft in and flciked his tongue round the helmet and was obviously tasting my precum and I was now running my hands down Sue and slipped a finger into her wet moist panties and slid it into her black hole and started to finger fuck her as Les now played with my balls and I told him to slow down as I didn't want to come in his mouth but in Sues pussy so Sue told Les to stop and ordered him to go sit and watch as I pulled Sues panties down and parted her legs I slid my hard prick into her pussy and striaghtaway pumped her in and out and we were sweating and Les was sitting there with his cock in hand wanking away saying how good it was to see his black wife fucking a stranger and I was now due to shoot and pulled her fatc arse closer and shot my wad into her and kept fucking in and out until my balls were emptied and I leaned forward and kissed her mouth and felt her tits and eventually I removed my cock and Sue straightaway ordered Les to clean it and get it hard again as I carried on playing with her black beauties and whislt I did this I thought I saw someone looking through the window and Sue said it is probably a peeping tom but not to worry as the door was locked and I carried on and soon Les had me fully erect again and Sue saw this so turned round and pulled her arse cheeks apart and told me to fuck her arse so I spat on a couple of fingers and slid them up her arse and soon she was feeling much looser so I put my cock at her entrance and started to slid it in and felt her push back as more cock emtered her and soon I was fucking her as Les again watched cock in hand and I spanked her arse hard a couple of times and felt her yelp with joy as I took my cock out and slid it back in.Les now went to the front and took each nipple into his mouth in turn and suckled on them like a baby and this turned me on and I dump anotherload this time into her fat arsehole and again kept it inside her until I had no more spunk to give.I pulled out and Sue told me she enjoyed it and now I had to leave so I got dressed thanked them both and made my way home and needed to have a pee so I sneaked behind a bush and peed and again was hard so I had to have a wank and I shot a large wad of spunk over the bush and I went home and slept like a log but not before thinking of my next meeting with Sue & Les.