Written by Marc

21 Oct 2004

Summer Frolics

Tracy and I have been having fun again this Time on a horny break in Ibiza.

It all started when we went on a last minute booking to a self-catering block in Ibiza We were in a nice apartment with a shared pool and our own balcony and all facilities. Tracy is 38 with a body you would die for and the agility and suppleness of an athlete and she is a real horny bitch but totally faithful to me.

We had been there about three days and generally sunbathed in the day at the local beach and came back to shower and go out in the evening often ending up in the bar at the apartment block. This was full mostly of single brits around our age and younger and all out for a good Time.

Ther was one group of three men and three girls who we became friendly with who had been there for two weeks and had the apartment next to ours.

On this day we came back from the beach earlier than normal to rest on the balcony. First we showered and went outside with just a towel each totally naked. I rubbed lotion on Tracy on the bits she couldn’t reach and she did the same to me . Although this made us feel pretty horny we didn’t do any more as we both wanted a rest before going out later.

I lay there about 30 minutes dozing when I heard a noise and without getting up I noticed the group next door were taking turns to peek around the edge of the balcony at us. This made me really horny and I thought what a thrill to give them a proper show.

I moved close to Tracy and nibbled her long neck and noticed the goosebumps rise on her even though the temperature was in the 90’s’ I then stroked the top of her chest just above her gorgeous breasts and then down the side of her body just brushing the side of her tit with the back of my hand. I was starting to get a hard on and Tracy was moving her legs very slightly apart and moaning quietly with pleasure.

I then sucked on her toe and feet slowly and moved onto her calves and then knees with my tongue whilst my hands were tweaking her nipples and massaging her breasts. Tracy then took my cock and sucked hard on it ( God I was in heaven). I turned round so I could lick her clit and she continued her minstrations on my cock. Tracy came on my tongue and I was not far off when she pushed me to the floor and lowered herself onto my cock which was waving in the air like a flagpole. I could hear gasps from the balcony next door but I was past caring by then especially since Tracy was riding me as if she was she was at Aintree.

Next thing Tracy slowed down and rose up and down slowly calling out “ I’m coming I’m coming” I turned her round and slid into her doggy fashion and rode her whilst slapping her bum, soon I came and slumped sweating and exhausted next to her.

I looked up over towards the next balcony but it had gone very quiet there and all I could hear was excited whispers.

We then went in and changed ready for dinner with Tracy wearing the skimpiest little black number you have ever seen.

We had dinner in a local fish restaurant and afterwards made our way to the bar. The usual crowd were in the bar including our neighbours, I could have sworn there was a brief lull in conversation as we entered but we were soon welcomed very warmly with the men rushing to give their seat to Tracy while even I was getting admiring glances from the women.

As the night wore on we were all getting more and more pissed and the conversation was becoming smuttier and smuttier. Sharon who was about Tracy’s age asked Tracy what sort of things turned me on and to my amazement and slight embarressment Tracy told her that I loved Shaven fannies and for Tracy to flaaunt her horniness in front of other men with me knowiing that she was mine. I could tell by nudges all around that the men would like Tracy to flaunt herself in front of them.

Sharon’s husband John asked Tracy what turned her on and she told him that it was to be totally fucked and by this she meant totally as in all over and in everywhere because she knows how the thought of that makes me (Tim) really horny. By now the group were listening to all this and were obviously having lovely thoughts.

Sharon then suggested we go back to their apartment for a drink and a bop, so we all trooped back.

Once in we were acting as if we had known each other all our lives . I noticed Tracy wass getting lots of attention from the men with her glass constantly being refilled with champers and hands touching her bum and legs . Now I know how dangerous Tracy is when she is on chaqmpagne and I just knew something would happen.

One of the other girls Sue suggested it was game Time and so we played spin a bottle and it was agreed that whoever the bottle pointed at had to remove an item of clothing.

I thought this would be interesting since Tracy only had on her shoes , nickers and dress. It also became obvious that the Game was fixed with Sharon doing the fixing and maki9ng sure the bottle pointed at Tracy. First I expected the shoes to come off but no Tracy the exhibitionest took off her dress first exposing her lovely breasts. We could all see how wet she was through her G string knickers. Next spin was to Tracy again and Tracy went to me and asked me to remove them with my teeth but as I opened my mouth John and Trevor pushed me away saying that they would help, so each of them pulled with their teeth and down they came with everyone else applauding including their wives.

Tracy then strutted the room flashing her fanny in front of everyone and pulled my face onto her fanny. Then Sharon said “its Tim’s turn for a treat” and went to the bathroom returning with a razor and shaving foam above her head shouting “Party Time”. The three girls then put Tracy on the bed and squirted foam on her fanny. Tracy loved it and I moved to the bed having stripped off and proceeded to suck on her tits. When the girls had finished I definitely had a shaven haven, so I moved down to lick my new toy. Tracy rubbed her tits and the next thing I knew Sharon said “ Fellahs Tracy and Marc want some help”.

Two of them sucked on a tit each while John who had stripped off put his cock near Tracy’s face and she opened her mouth and took all his length in and gobbled hungrily. I brought Tracy off on ny tongue and then slid my cock in her love tunnel . By now the other men had swapped arounfd and Tracy was gobbling her second cock of the night. I couldn’t hold back any longer and filled Tracy with my lumpy spunk. As I pulled out I saw the other 3 girls in a horny threesome onn the sofa. This was a really horny sight and then I got my glass of wine to quench my thirst only to notice that Tracy had now got John fucking her like there is no tomorrow whilst the other two were holding the cheeks of her bum apart and each putting a finger in. I walked back over withh a renewed hard on and pushed their hands away and moved underneath her and fucked her bum with John still fucking her on top, the other two had moved and Tracy had got both cocks in her mouth at the same Time.

John came next and then the two getting blow jobs with me turning her over before spunking a second Time.

All seven off us were on a high and all agreed we had had a fantastic Time and then Sharon asked if we would watch a really horny movie, Tracy was first to agree and switched the tv on whilst Sharon put the video on. As the tape whirred and the screen leapt to life a realisation set in the video was of Tracy and I that afternoon, I knew we had been watched but I didn’t realise they had a camera and Tracy didn’t even know we had been watched .

The others watched obviously getting hornier by the minute and Tracy started to suck on my cock for the blow job of my life.

That was certainly a holiday night to remember!!!!!!!