Written by mandy

11 Jul 2006

I used to enjoy reading some of the stories on here and thought today that i would share an experience with you.

I enjoy relaxing in the sun when time permits.

I have a nosy pensioner neighbour that often keeps peering through his curtains at me. This morning i positioned the lounger a few degrees further left than i normally do. LOL. I thought it would be a tease to wear a short skirt and forget the nix for a change too.

through my mirrored shades i could watch his window whilst I lay on the lounger and pretending to read my book. It was so obvious that he was trying to get a better look of me. i occasionally crossed and uncrossed my legs so as to tease some more.

It was not very long before i could hear his back door opening and he must have tried several cracks in the wooden fence before he settled for a spot to look some more.

I gave a little adjustment of my bottom enabling the skirt to move just a little further up my legs and lay there for a couple of minutes with my feet up against my buttocks and my knees apart. i could feel the hot sun on my fanny and started to become very self consious. I lost my nerve and decided to come in for a cold drink. Nothing the reader i guess but it was new and real to me. I am not sure where to look when i next speek to him over the fence or in the road out front.