Written by peterpiper

14 Jul 2006

Just thought that I would post a story about a great night that I had a couple of months ago. I have had a lot of fun reading other stories, so I thought that I had better contribute!

I work in London regularly, and after a few beers like to visit the Soho cinemas, in particular Sunset Cinema. This will be known to many of you! As I am bi, a good bit of cock fun has always been fine but things are always much more fun if a game couple turn up to play. As you know that is the exception rather than the rule.

I got there a bit late, bought a drink and sat in the bar. I had become aware of a couple with a good looking happy blond girl in her 30s,who was receiving a lot of attention. As there were a lot of other admirers I suspected that I might be in for a show after all.

As time went on she got more and more relaxed, with her bloke and another stroking her up her skirt. She stood up and her skirt was pulled up showing nothing underneath but a nice body and inviting cunt. You could have cut the air with a knife. All of us blokes were turned on, but at the same time were trying not to crowd her in any way.

Eventually, she just got up and walked into the cinema, followed by about have a dozen other blokes. I finished my drink and followed in a few minutes later, my heart pounding, hoping for some fun.

My eyes took some time to get accustomed and my first reaction was disappointment as I could not see her at all. Then I realised that the reason for that was that she was covered in blokes. Her skirt was rucked up around her waist and someone was licking her: it must have been good as she was moaning. Her breats were out being mauled. She had one cock in her mouth, and another in each hand. All around her there was a frenzy, with blokes wanking as they enjoyed the view, playing with her if they could. If blokes were not wanking themselves they were wanking and sucking each other. All this time her man was calling out encouragement to us all.

Her man said that it was too crowded so we all pulled back worried that we had ruined the show. No chance! She walked down to the front space in front of the screen saying that there was more room there.

What followed was just brilliant. She kept calling out for cum, and everyone obliged. One after another I saw blokes kneeling down, leaning over her as they braced themselves with one hand on the ground, and then spunk all over her pretty face. While this was going on, someone was always finger fucking or licking her.

As this went on, the rest of of us stood around, wanking alone or with others, sucking or being sucked. There were about 15 blokes all in all.

My turn came. As I knelt before her head I looked down at her smiling spunk covered face as she kept calling "more cum, I want your cum". In front of everyone I put my cock close to her face and hosed her with what seemed like buckets of spunk.

The fun continued. I remember wanking myself hard again, and also being wanked by others and returning the favour. I was determined to have another go.

She knelt on all fours and opened her mouth, calling for cum as it dripped off her. I shoved my dick in her mouth and enjoyed a good sucking. Problem was that with all of the night's beer and my earlier hosing, I was not going to cum quickly so I allowed someone else into her mouth.

The show continued, until she again rolled over onto her back and lay there cunt beautifully on show with as many of us as possible giving her a deep fingering. I was so carried away I kissed her on the lips tasting that great salty taste, then again positioned myself over her and as she and her man again called for cum shot almost as much again over her face.

I was exhausted. As I pulled up my trousers others were still giving her what she asked for. It was one of the best nights in a cinema ever!

If there are any couples out there who would like some company in any cinema please do let me know!