Written by steve

24 Mar 2005

I run a small office and a few years ago i was working late. We had a young lad who was about 20 who came in to clean the offices after work.

I was busy and but felt rather horney. Anyway i thpought the cleaner had gone home so i got a few wank mags out and had a read. I could feel my cock getting hard and thought well why not. Nobody about, great. So i got my cock out and started to stroke it.

Then i got the feeling someone was watching me, and there he was looking through the doorway at me stroking my cock. Oops! Oh don't mind me he said. Wish i could have a wank to. Join me i said. So at that he came over. I could see he cock was already growing in his jogging pants. Can i suck your cock i asked. He was hesitant but said ok. At that i pulled the top of his jogging pants down and a mighty fine cock popped out. It was cut, about 7 inches long and about 6 inches round. I started to play with the end of his cock and he started moaning and i took the cock in my mouth gently sucking it going deeper and deeper. I suppose this went on for about 5 minutes and i could tell he wasn't going to last long as he kept asking me to stop for abit. I ran my tongue up and down the shaft and took his cock right down and he let out a big moan and flooded my mouth with cum. I kept pumping it to get every drop.

At that he dropped to his knees and took my cock in his mouth. It didn't take long with me being so stoked up from giving him head. I told him to taske my cock down as far as he could. He wanted me to cum in his mouth so i did. I exploded and he gagged but swallowed it down.