Written by Wicked Wizard

4 Dec 2004

It was a while ago now, late summer or early autumn. I was travelling home and approaching Northampton. Those who know the area will know that there is a place near there that has a certain reputation for doggers and others. I've only been there 2 or 3 times in the last several years, and only ever seen men cruising or tarts hanging out near parked up lorries. Goodness knows why I decided to drive through that night, but I did.

There were a few cars parked up and near one of them something was clearly going on. I drove over and could see that there was a man standing at the passenger window. As my eyes got accustomed to the dark I could see that his cock was through the passenger window and he was getting a BJ from the person I took to be a slightly built woman inside. I peered through the dark and just then he must have cum, because he suddenly stepped back, zipped up, and went to a car nearby and drove off. So I thought, “What the heck let's give it a go” and went over.

It was indeed a youngish, almost boyish-looking woman in the passenger seat, with someone I could not clearly make out in the driving seat. She appeared to be completely naked. As I got close she put out a hand and opened my zip and felt inside. Then she smiled at me, opened the door and got out of the car. I was astounded, but she was rather attractive. She smiled and motioned to the bonnet. She half sat on it spread her legs and offered me a condom! I quickly put it on and slipped in – she was a wet as hell. I fucked for a bit and she was clearly enjoying it with her hand at her clit – this wasn't a position where I was going to make much contact with it.

Then she reached forward, put her hand behind my neck and pulled my head forward and whispered in my ear “Would you like my ass-hole?” My pulse was racing, I was close to cumming, and made a big effort to hold back and nodded furiously and stepped back. She got off the bonnet and reached inside the car and handed me a tube – you can easily guess what it was – and turned round and bent over the bonnet. I squeezed lube onto the condom and onto her hole and worked it in with a finger, then I pressed by cock against her little hole. There was some resistance, but it slipped in without a lot of difficulty. Clearly she had done this before. I pushed inside her and then withdrew and pushed in again as hard and deep as I could. She gasped and I began a long deep-thrusting rhythm, fucking her more easily than I would ever have expected to fuck any asshole. I couldn't hold on for long, and in a short while I just erupted into the condom. She was frigging herself and she came, gasping out loud, a few moments after I did while I was deeply up her. It felt as tho' her asshole was milking my cock. Quite incredible.

I withdrew, and she turned and smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek, and got back into the car. The driver had already started up and off they went into the night, leaving me standing there with a condom hanging off my cock. I pulled it off and dropped it, zipped up and got back in my car. It took me a few minutes to get my breath back, I was shaking I can tell you. As I sat there in my car recovering I was aware there were four or five other cars there too, with people sitting in them, just silent shapes in the dark. No-one moved as I started up and drove off onto the main highway.

Wicked Wizard.