Written by Suzzy

31 Jan 2005

The corridor of the motorway side hotel smelt of disinfectant. I was searching the faceless passageway for room 203, each identical door looked exactly like its pale pine neighbour except for the gold coloured numbers.

Surely enough when i got to room 203 the door was ajar just as we had arranged.I walked nervously in without knocking wondering if someone nearly 17 years younger than my 43 years would have the nerve to do what I had asked. There he was just as we had agreed , led face down,naked on top of the bed with a black pvc blindfold covering his eyes.

I closed the door and put the safety chain on , without saying a word.We had agreed when we finalised the arrangements, by email, that we would not speak untill afterwards. I walked slowly to the bed and starting at the nape of his neck I ran my hands very gently down his broad back, stoping at his ass and feeling both cheeks with the palms of both my hands.His skin was young and supple.

As i felt his tender ass he pushed slightly into the bed.

Sitting next to him on the bed I pulled his legs apart just slightly and slid my hand under him feeling his warm fleshy balls. The were smooth and I gathered , that he had followed my request to shave his pubic hair before our meeting.

The room was warm and I decided to remove my skirt and top placing them over the upright chair.I went back to the bed and stradled his legs, my stockings rubbing against his legs and my hairless, wet , unclotherd fanny getly moving against his curvy ass. I heard him gasp as I gently massaged his shoulders and I knew I was getting wetter and stickier.

I lifted my self off him and putting one hand on each of his strong arms I rolled him over onto his back. The sight that greeted me was better than I had expected!! He was clearly enjoying our strnge, non speaking, no seeing scenario as all of his 8 inches were swollen and waiting. I decide that he could carry on waiting too for the time being!

I put my hand in my handbag and pulled out my sticky tape. With the 2" think silver tape I made sure that he could not peep out from beneath the blindfold.I thought about taping his hands togeter and making him toatally at my mercy but decided against it as I had plans for his hands!!

His fully erect young cock was dripping pre cum and i was tempted, oh so tempted, to bend down and suckit straight away but I resisted and started to genly stroke the insides of his legs, gradually working my way towards his smooth balls. slowly I started to touch them, softly taking my fingers back to the ends of his balls and then moving forward to the base of his cock. Then I rememberd that I had brought a minature bottle of Baileys with me. I reached to my handbag and undid it, it was still cold from the fridge at home.I dribbled the liquid over his glistening cock and he instinctively pulled back at the coldness of the liquid . Pushing his legs apart so I could kneel inbetween them I put my head down towards his balls. The Baileys was dripping slowly off and on to the hotel bed cover as licked silently down to ensure no damange to the bedding!I slurped enthusiastically but lightly all the way up to the base of his cock before stoping.

I reached to the floor for my bag and drew out the tube of strawberry lubricant that I had packed earlier. Quickely i smoothed a large dollop of the clear gel onto his his cock and worked it it. Then with my right hand I began to play with him. I let my hand glide slowly and firmy up to the top of his knob, just bearly touching it and back down the other side.His body arched pushing his dick towards me and he gasped loudly. I continued and returned my hand to the other side of his cock again touching the very top as my hand went over. I repeated the action a number of times and each time he gasped more strongly.

I realised that if I did not climb on top of him soon it would be too late.Hurriedly I opened a condom and pushed it on to his dripping, sticky cock. I climbed on top of him quickly and pushed his eight inches inside me huridly. I rode him furiously and pulled his hads once again to my breasts. He took the not too subltle hint and squeezed them tightly whilst pulling on my erect nipples. I looked down and seeing him led there, the man Id never spoken to, the man who had never seen me I screemed and at the same time I felt his body shake and heard him let out the final sigh!!

There was just one final thing to do. I sat back and took off is blindfold. Hi, I said, Im Suzzy.