Written by Zoe Childs

18 Feb 2005

I was sitting at the bar last night, spending my time watching everyone else enjoying the local monthly swingers meet, drinking a sunrise, I once again found myself turning down the advances of the single men, looking for a quick hook-up, as well as the married men, looking for marital swingers bliss. "No," I thought to myself I'm not here for that. I was here for her. A pretty little mixed girl, with mocha skin, soft brown eyes, long carmel colored hair. Slim, small breasted, a slight curve to her hips, swaying back and forth in her short glittering dress, as she danced and moved over the dance floor, numerous men pushing and grinding against her. I had been coming to all the local munches, dances, meet-ups, and parties for over three months, just to catch a glimpse of this beauty. I felt myself becoming moist as I watched her. This was it. I was too impatient. I set my drink down, slipped off the bar stool, and began walking towards her. My steady walk, confident in what I wanted. I moved through those on the floor, pushing guys aside as I came up behind her, then placed my hands on those slim curved hips. I began griding and swaying against her. She turned her head back to look at me. Shocked lit her eyes, then a sly smile graced those lovely lush wet lips of hers. I licked my lips and smiled back. We began dancing togeather, she turned to me, her hands now grazing up, and down my body, my hands doing the same, the pulsing of the music, and our bodies motions touching, I was becoming so wet, loosing my breath as we leaned in closer togeather. I could feel her sweet breath on my face, I moved in a kissed her. Oh, bliss! Her lips were sweet, and how she was kissing me back! The music was pounding harder, and louder like my heart, the men pressed in closer around us, I slipped my hand under her skirt, gripping her smooth ass, running my hand down, as she began to kneed my aching breast, I pulled in front then slipped my fingers between her hot thighs to her wet sex! She threw her head back and moaned as I found her clit, dancing and rubbing her at the same time, she pulled me towards her, then bit into my neck, licking with her tongue, her fingers now pushing through to play with me, she was exploring me as I was her, her soft light hair, her swollen lips, dripping cunt, twitching clit, I pushed forward, deeper till I felt my finger slip into her wet hot hole, she played with my clit, I finger fucked her slow, her pace and breathing picked up, as did mine, the men on the dance floor pushed in even further, their hands now competeing for our exsposed lower flesh, I felt her begin to shiver on the brink of cumming, my own orgasim quickly approaching, I was almost there, almost,! I was cumming, I trew me head back to scream!! ---BEEP-BEEEPPPPP-BEEP-Beep.

"SON OF A BITCH, stupid effing alarm clock," I spit while slamming my hand down to the snooze button, sweaty and panting, "mother fucking peice o crap"

I flopped back on my bed naked, my nipples hard, I began to ponder my dream as I rubbed the ache out of then, remembering more of it my hands slid down, "Oh, well, maybe I'll be as bold tonight with her at the club, as I was in my dream." I thought to myself, finishing with my fingers, what the dream had started.

********Zoe Childs

This was a dream I had the other night. I've yet to make it come true, but there's always tomorrow.

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