Written by Ivan

31 May 2006

A number of years ago my wife Carol and I took a two week holiday to Fuerteventura. Our hotel was right on the beach but for the first day or two we sat around the pool. Carol is 46, slim and good looking though not very large in the boob department. I am 45 and still reasonably fit with no beer belly.

The pool area was not too crowded so it was easy to notice other people.

Sitting not far from us were another couple of about our age. On the second morning we exchanged nods with the couple we had noticed the day before and just lay down on the sun bed next to them to enjoy the sun. Turning on my side I could see that the woman was also quite slim but her bikini top could hardly contain her chest. Her partner was rubbing some sun oil onto her back and she was obviously enjoying it. He stood up so that she could return the favour. He was wearing only the briefest of swimming trunks and clearly had a decent size cock. Carol had also noticed and raised her eyebrows at me. We dozed the morning away until 1 o’clock then left for a beer and some lunch. Our new neighbours closely followed us. Taking chairs next to us the man spoke for the first time, just general stuff were we enjoying our holiday and so on. They were Dave and Claire. Anyway we passed a pleasant hour and a couple of beers and got on really well. The rest of the afternoon we all just lay on our beds, dozing, arranging to meet for drinks before dinner at seven thirty.

We normally like to get dressed up for our holiday evenings and this was no exception. Claire dressed in very thin white cotton dress with only some tiny panties underneath and high heels. Dave and Claire were waiting for us, gins in hand. Claire looked stunning in a very short red skirt and more or less see through low cut, white blouse. Dave complimented Carol; he was clearly impressed as I was with Claire. We enjoyed a couple of drinks and a very pleasant dinner before returning to the bar, where we sat on high stools in a group at the end of the bar. Conversation was flowing and getting more personal. Dave asked if we had ever been on a nudist beach. We had not; Carol was even reluctant to go topless. Would we be interested, Dave continued, I was all for it but it would be Carol who decided. Perhaps it was the drink but to my surprise she immediately agreed. Dave knew of a local beach so it was all set up for the morrow.

The thought of seeing Claire naked had aroused me so Carol and I retired early and enjoyed a passionate fuck, it transpired that she was also excited about the prospect.

Over breakfast the nerves arrived and we thought about making excuses to avoid going but remembering the previous night we steeled ourselves.

The local bus would take us to the beach a couple of miles away. We quickly found a spot reasonably sheltered from the wind and slowly laid out our beach things, not wanting to be the first to strip off. Dave and Claire just dropped their gear and undressed with their backs to us, probably sensing our trepidation. Feeling myself shrivelling I followed suit, Carol contenting herself with removing her top and lying down reading her book. Dave turned and my impression from the day before was confirmed, even flaccid his cock looked much larger than mine. Claire’s tits were indeed magnificent and to my surprise she was shaved below and I could very clearly see her pussy lips. Swiftly averting my eyes I lay down and tried to concentrate on my book. Within fifteen minutes it was clear that on one was paying us any attention so I began to feel less shy and began looking around. It was just a typical mix of people, bodies of all shapes and sizes. Claire started to rub sunscreen into her chest and it all began to seem rather erotic and I had to turn over to conceal a growing erection. Claire said something to Dave and they both giggled. Carol glanced over, saw my state and looked past me to see Dave applying cream to Claire’s back. It was clear that he was also enjoying the job. It was some time before Carol returned to her book.

I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable, were they just exhibitionists? or were they trying to seduce us? Carol and I had often discussed our fantasies of being with other people during our lovemaking but she had always been dead against putting anything into practice.

After an hour or so Dave suggested that we try the water. I am a very poor swimmer but enjoy messing about in the shallows. This would be a test, could Carol and I walk down to the sea unselfconsciously, though Carol still wore her bikini bottoms. The answer was that it was easy, nobody paid any attention. Carol is a strong swimmer so was soon some yards from the shore. I stood in the sea up to my waist and just watched. Dave followed Carol out and they swan together back and forth. Claire was also nervous of the water and came to stand beside me. I was extremely conscious of her body and rather glad that my cock was under water! Out in the deep Dave and Carol were playing some sort of game involving Dave throwing Carol up into the air and letting her splash back into the sea.

Though it was pleasant in the sea I decided to return to our seats to dry off. I was aware that I was half hard but hoped it would not be noticed. Carol followed and after a few minutes drying in the sun asked me to reapply some sunscreen. This felt very erotic and my erection was not getting any smaller but Claire pretended to ignore it. She then offered to do the same for me, how could I refuse? I just lay on my front to avoid catching her eye. This was all getting a bit much. Anyway my cock slowly returned to normal and I turned over to se Carol and Dave coming out of the sea, Carol now naked. As she approached she explained that her bikini had come off during the throwing game and she could not be bothered to put it back on. The sight of her standing there with water drops glistening on her neatly trimmed pubes was exciting, for Dave as well judging by his looks. We all just lay drying in the sun.

After a couple of beers at lunchtime we dozed a couple of hours away with nothing untoward happening. Carol and Claire decided to go for a walk along the seashore and collect some water on the way back. I could not help watching their bare arses gradually recede, Carol was now completely happy unclothed. Dave and I just lay there, Dave dozing me reading. Dave must have been having a very nice dream as I could see his prick slowly engorging, turning away I just let him enjoy his thoughts.

Leaving the beach at five o’clock we caught the bus back to our hotel, arranging to meet for pre dinner drinks in Dave and Carol’s room.

Once behind our own door I asked Carol what she had thought of the day. A bit nervously she explained that she had enjoyed exhibiting herself so Dave and me and was beginning to think that they were swingers. It transpired that Claire had gently sounded her out about swapping during their walk. Carol had been non-committal not being sure of her own feelings or what I may think. I was confused, after so many years of refusing to even entertain the idea it seemed that Carol was finally suggesting that we take the plunge. I said that I was interested but not sure if I was prepared to see her with another man. Dave and Claire seemed to be a nice couple so we agreed to go with the flow, but either of us could call a halt at any time.

As usual we dressed up for dinner, Carol in a thin black silk dress with black thong me in shirt and slacks and no underwear. Knocking on their door Dave called for us to enter. They were on their balcony, completely naked enjoying a very deep kiss. I thought that we had arrived too early but Dave called us through. We did not know where to look as Dave was fully erect and was totally unselfconscious, Claire smiling as she leaned on the balcony rail. Dave poured glasses of wine and we all went outside. The situation was reaching the point of no return. Slow music was playing quietly on the radio so I invited Claire to dance. At first we kept apart, me not wanting to let my cock touch her unless she led. Claire was in a hurry and soon drew me to her, planting a very sexy kiss right on my lips. I began to get carried away as she rubbed herself against my trousers. Reaching down between us she released my cock and gently stroked it. Feeling very over dressed I broke away and removed my clothes, on the balcony I could see that Carol had removed her dress and was sitting on a chair with Dave kneeling between her thighs, his head buried in her mound. To my surprise I was not jealous, just aroused even more. Meantime Claire had laid on the bed, her thighs invitingly open, slowly frigging herself. I gently massaged her pussy lips where she was already very wet. Before long she told me to put my prick in and fuck her. As I moved forward Dave carried Carol in and put her down next to Claire and eased his cock in to Carol. There we were fucking others wives. This was even better than our fantasies had imagined. Neither Dave nor I lasted very long, not surprising I suppose we had all had a very sexy day. I came first and was able to watch Dave pounding Carol’s cunt. As he was on the point of coming Carol told him to withdraw and shoot on her tits, she had always liked that. She had judged it just right, as his cock gleaming with her cunt juice appeared a jet of spunk splattered her tits. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen.

Neither of the ladies had been satisfied and the evening did not end there, we got no dinner that night!

We spent more time with Dave and Claire, perhaps I shall write more later.