Written by Kasi and Andy

19 Aug 2004

Kasi and I had discussed going to a swingers club on numerous ocassions and it got us all excited thinking about it so we decided to give it a go one friday night.Kasi got ready to go out and she looked stunning in a very short mini skirt and loose top.We set off down the M1 towards Leicester and she was feeling very horny so I suggested that she give the lorry drivers a treat,we went past this car transporter and the driver was looking straight down at Kasi,she pulled her top down a bit and flashed the top of her boobs at him.He immediately speeded up and passed us looking over all the time so this time she pulled her top right down and flashed her bare boobs at him,he seemed to enjoy that because he went passed again,she was really going for it this time and took her panties off and hitched up her skirt and as we passed she was fingering herself with her feet on the dashboard.We then reached the junction and the driver gave us a loud blast on his horn and waved.We found the club and parked up and went into a little pub for a drink before the club opened,we were feeling a bit nervous.It got to half 9 so we went over and went in,we were met by the hosts who were very nice.It slowly started to fill up and we were sitting in this cosy living room on the sofa cuddling,Kasi was feeling a bit horny as I kissed her hard and let my hand travel up her thighs and under her skirt,I looked up and there were about 6 guys all staring at us so I told kasi and she didnt seem bothered so i carried on fingering her and slowly pushing up her skirt until they could all see her naked pussy with my fingers up her.This was really turning us on so we decided to try one of the rooms.The room had a mirror on the ceiling and one that ran the lenght of the bed,we locked the door to start with and carried on playing,Kasi then had to go to the toilet and when she came back she told me to lay on my back and she knelt over my cock and sucked it right in her willing mouth,just then the door opened and this guy came in and stood watching us,he was stood right behind Kasi,s raised arse.She didnt even know he had come in until he touched her arse and ran his hands up her leg and onto her soaking wet pussy,she gasped and looked round at him and just smiled.She was really going to town on my cock now as the guy knelt on the floor and buried his face between her legs and tongued her pussy hard,she was going crazy with lust and after about 10 minutes told the guy to fuck her.We moved up the bed a bit and he knelt behind her and fed his cock right up her wet pussy hole and proceeded to fuck her hard.This was to much for me and i exploded into her mouth and she sucked me dry as the guy carried on fucking her for ages until he grunted and shot his load.This was a really good experience for us and we vowed to go back but the club closed soon after but we are going to find another one and experiment some more.