Written by BelindaF

14 May 2006

The boys stayed in our cabin that night. The bed was large and comfortable and it felt lovely lying naked together. We had all had quite a bit to drink and my bum was still sore from the beating that Madame Desire had given me. I thought a lot about the time that I had spent in the Dungeons with her yesterday and how real pain had turned into pleasure and a huge excitment. This powerful woman was so frightening, and had so much control over me. Something that I had not experienced before! But then she went way beyond the bounds of pleasure, and terror took over, and I lost any trust and had to escape. The four of us talked about my revenge long into the night and suddenly the situation changed to excitment as we hatched our plan.

Jilly was very protective, as were the two boys, and she caressed and sucked my pussy so gently trying to cheer me up. She was so sweet and sexy and in no time at all I felt the waves of an orgasm building up inside me that she soon released with her clever tongue. The boys watched us playing with their hard cocks and getting very aroused. They took hold of Jilly's soft body, and Tony pushed his hard throbbing cock between her shaved cunt lips whilst Chris gave her oral and later fucked her as Tony came in her mouth.

When we woke up in the morning we left the ship after breakfast and spent most of the day exploring one of the beautiful Greek Islands together. We sunbathed naked on a white sandy beach under a deep blue cloudless sky. The beach was surrounded by pine trees that overlooked a turquoise sea. I listened to the gulls screaming overhead and the time slipped away towards an evening that we were looking forward to!

Madame Desire kept her Dungeons open through all of the evening and most of the night, sleeping off her exhaustion in the daytime. We planned to find her there in the early hours and to teach her a lesson that she would not forget and that WE were now going to be in control! I nervously took the lift on my own, the others following close behind me. Madame Desire met me the lift doors and seemed delighted that I wanted to see her again. I kept her talking as we walked down the corridor and I heard the lift disappear and then return a few moments later. She had her back to the lift, that was quite a distance away now, and did not hear my friends as they quietly crept towards us. They really surprised her by their next movement throwing her to the floor and handcuffing her skinny wrists. We dragged her along the corridor and into a nearby softly lit room. As we pulled her along by her long dark hair and clothes I enjoyed listening to her screams the way that she had enjoyed listening to mine just a day before!

Fortunately we found a room that contained all sorts of her pain and bondage equipment, and I eagerly looked through a rail of items. There were collars and restraints, canes, whips, ankle cuffs, nipple clamps, male and female harnesses, cat suits, leather and shiny leggings and lots of other painful sex toys. My head spun at this good fortune, and Madame Desire was certainly in for a treat! Tongue in cheek I removed a black leather collar with studs from the rail and placed it around her neck. The other three stripped away her exquisitely expense leather clothing dropping them in a pile on the floor beside her ankles. This was humiliation itself, and as her breasts swung free her enormous erect nipples stood out. Was she after all finding this a little exciting, I wondered? Standing completely naked and helpless in front of us with her hands tied tightly behind her back, she moaned and cried out as one of the boys clipped a lead to the thick leather collar. Then pushing her to her bony knees he lead her around the room on all fours in front of us! She knelt finally with her head hung down trembling and trying to pull away whimpering. Tony went behind Madame Desire and pulled her legs apart exposing her dark thick hairy pussy, and she tensed as he ran his finger harshly into her glistening hole. Chris pulled and squeezed her long dangling breasts, twisting and turning her nipples painfully. As we listened to Madame Desire's sobs, her body shook from head to toe. Her vulva was soaking wet, and as I felt between her open legs she almost seemed to enjoy my imtimate caress. Suddenly everything changed and her eyes widened in horror as Tony swung a cane across her soft white unblemished skin. She gasped loudly as her body took each stroke. Again and again the cane landed leaving heavy red welts on her back and bum. We were all relishing the sight of Madame Desire receiving her punishment!

Jilly came up close behind me and must have been aroused as she moved her soft curves seductively backwards and forwards into my bum, Her arms snaked around my hips pushing her lovely fingers inside my excited pussy and I heard her moan softly "Mmm this is really making me feel sexy Belinda!". As I rolled into a noisy orgasm, my hips moved with hers. Chris had stripped off and put his hard throbbing cock into Madame Desire's mouth. She looked utterly horrified as he screamed out at her "Come on you slut, suck my cock, more, more, harder, harder, and look as if you are enjoying it!" As his body pushed roughly into her, his young shapely arse moved rapidly as he started to reach a climax. We stood watching and in no time Chris started to come yelling out obscenities at her, and filling her mouth with his hot spunk that dribbled out of the corners. She spat out the rest on the floor. As this was happening Jilly brought me off again with her fingers making me squeal with delight.Madame Desire's slim body shuddered pulling and straining at the bonds around her wrists then suddenly her entire body shook and her large dark eyes closed as she reached the peak of a huge climax and an orgasm tore through her body. "How dare you come!" Tony yelled at her, as he added to the now terrible red welts that criss crossed her body. Finally he dropped the cane and moved behind Madame Desire. His cock was big and thick as he knelt behind her, running the glistening tip of it on her bum cheeks before in a swift movement he pushed it between her thighs and entered her tight arse hole. She let out one long evil echoing scream that filled the room and probably the corridor.

"You disobedient whore" he yelled "You will pay for everything that you have done!" Madame Desire threw her head back in pain, and as he rode her body we watched her discomfort with pleasure, savouring each and every thrust.

Her body locked rigidly, her hips no longer moving she accepted it all, and the sexual pain and abuse that came with it.Finally she fell to the ground, breathing deeply but not moving. She was a powerful horny woman and it felt good to see her so humbled. We left her there still exposed and naked, with the leather collar round her neck and her wrists still tight inside the handcuffs behind her back.

As we got back back into the lift we held each other close.

All of us tired but pleased that we had been able to give that wicked old witch a bit is her own medicine. We all slept in the next morning. The cruise was soon coming to an end, and in fact this was going to be the last full day. There was to be a final party with a fabulous meal to enjoy in the evening, and a Roman Orgy for those who still had some energy left afterwards! I wandered around with a light linen tunic just covering my breasts and bare bum, admiring some of the games that were going on and joining in with quite a few! Smiling to myself I wondered how men men had fucked me, and I had sucked and enjoyed on the cruise? It had been a really mind blowing holiday and ten days that I would never forget!

I thought that it might be nice to go up to the top deck for a few minutes, so went back to the cabin to find something to wear as it would be a lot cooler now. Jilly was having fun and playing on our bed with two gorgeous naked girls who begged me to join them but I wanted to be on my own for a while and promised that I would be back soon. Slipping into my favourite long black evening dress I closed the door behind me and walked towards the lift. A cool rush of air hit me as I stepped bare foot onto the top deck and I shivered as I wandered around looking out over the moonlit sea and dark starry sky. Other couples and groups were doing the same and there was a kind of strange eerie silence as I watched the waves gently hitting the side of the ship.

Away in a little world of my own I really jumped when someone came up behind me and put his arms around my waist, and I heard him whisper "You look very sexy, Belinda, standing there outlined in the moonlight in that beautiful dress". I turned to see someone that I did not recognise and wondered how he knew my name. Smiling he took my hand and we followed other couples enjoying the beautiful evening. We walked, not speaking until he asked me if I fancied a swim in the heated pool that we were looking down on, from a flight of steps.

"I'll chase you there" he laughed as he ran after me.

We got there together and I jumped in still wearing my black dress. We swam and played in the water watching the stars twinkling down and I enjoyed feeling his hard prick as he fucked me in the deep end. Other couples soon joined us and what I can only describe as a gang bang followed, as we each shagged each other in the moonlight one after the other.

Finally climbing up the steps I felt the wet fabric of my dress clinging to every part and curve of my soaking body.

"My God!" my new friend sighed "Belinda you look edible and so sexy in that wet dress, can I fuck you just once again?" "Only if you can catch me first!" I yelled, trying to run in my soaking wet gown!!

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