Written by Allgood

20 Oct 2003

It has been some months since we last met. It has been some months of emails, text messages and highly (sexually) charged phone calls. The emotional tension was taut to breaking point. We arranged to meet to release this build up of physical, mental, emotional and sexual energies.

This was to be a very special occasion.

I chose an impressive, grand, plush 'main-street, just-on-the-edge-of-town' hotel. The room in which I waited alone was impressive (you deserved to be impressed). I waited patiently, hesitantly and anxiously. I was simultaneously on-edge, nervous, scared and expectantly excited. My mobile rang. I jumped!

We met in the hotel car park, I helped you in with your things. God, you looked good!

In the room we hugged, we kissed, we drank champagne. This was a prolonged 'hello' of pleasantries, not the real 'hello' we craved, not our real purpose. We talked, listened and drank some more. This was no good, I needed you now. We needed a proper 'hello fuck'! You wanted to go out (or so you said!) but instead we urgently, impatiently fumbled our way to the bed.

Mouths hurriedly crashed together locked in a warm, wet luxurious bond, while tongues searched, deeply probed and tasted each other's watering oralness. Nipples hardened under your top; I removed the flimsy cotton barrier of your shirt and admired the wonderful peaks of your gloriously, voluptuous mounds. I orally worshipped your nipples. First (and gently) with my lips, then (pressingly) with my tongue and finally (bitingly) with my teeth, enjoying your sighs to the receipt of slight but pleasurable pain. Trousers off, you took my cock forcibly from my underwear. You teased and tasted my tip, my cock-head. And then, just when I thought I could take no more, you took my full length in your wet, welcoming and cock-needy mouth. Wonderfully sluttish, expertly tarty! I watched and grew even harder as my cock bulged your cheek, your mouth covering my now large-veined shaft with suck-spit. The afternoon autumnal sunlight glistened on my blood-gorged fuck-tool. Seeing your sex-spit made me salivate; I needed…I craved to taste you. I flipped you on your back, cupping your full arse-cheeks in each hand I went down on your now wet and flooded pussy. Clitoris extended and hard, made even harder by my searching, probing and oscillating tongue. You reacted with violent immediacy. You couldn't hold back, you shuddered, you came!


It was a greeting that did not need to be spoken.

We looked deeply into each other's eyes, deeply into each other's souls.

This was OUR real 'HELLO'!

To Be Continued...