Written by Aaron

13 Oct 2005

I’ve had an advert on here for some time now and I’ve met loads of Guys and Gals – yes, I’m a bi guy.

I thought I’d tell you of a true meeting.

3 weeks ago I received an email from a couple who’d seen my Ad and wondered if I was interested in having some fun that weekend at their place in Stoke. After looking at their photo’s they’d attached I was more than interested – the Gal looked in her early 30s and the Guy looked about the same age. So, I rang the ‘phone number they’d left and the Guy – I’ll call him Dan – (if they read this they’ll know who they are) answered. After the usual pleasantries we got down to talking about what we all liked doing and none of us had any limits except pain and watersports – we knew that though because it was in our adverts.

Dan suggested we met up at a pub on the Friday night for a drink first and I said OK.

When the Friday came I was thinking “I wonder if they’re genuine and will turn up” (I’ve gone to so many “meets” when the people don’t turn up), but I wasn’t to be disappointed.

I got to the pub before them – we’d agreed to meet at 8pm – and I stood at the bar waiting for them, constantly watching the door for who came in. After about 20 minutes past 8, in they walked – I recognised them immediately from their photo’s, and they recognised me.

They came straight over to me and the Gal (Lizzy – again, not her real name) gave me a kiss on both cheeks and Dan shook my hand. After getting them a drink we went and sat down at a table where we couldn’t be heard by others. After the “tittle tattle” we talked about our ages, Lizzy was 27 and Dan was 25 – so I was wrong on that front! I remember asking them if they didn’t mind me being that bit older – seeing as I’m in my 40s, and they said they preferred older guys.

Lizzy really was a pretty girl with nice boobs and an arse to die for, she was dressed in tight jeans that showed her arse off to perfection. Being Bi, I couldn’t help but to look at Dan too – which he noticed.

Dan was also Bi and was soon telling me what he liked in a guy.

After about an hour or so Lizzy said “Right, let’s get back to our place and have some serious fun”, so off we went. I followed them in my car and then into the house.

As soon as the door was shut, Lizzy came up to me and started to kiss me on the mouth with her sticking her tongue deep into my mouth. Dan asked if I wanted a drink and off he went to get one. Lizzy took my hand and led me upstairs to their bedroom and started kissing me again. Her hands were soon undoing the belt on my jeans and then unzipping me. I was doing the same to her jeans and we were just about to drop our kit when Dan walked in the room holding some beers.

Lizzy and I were soon naked and we both started to undress Dan. When his shirt was off I could see he had quite a muscular chest and a lovely flat tummy with a pierced belly button. As Lizzy kissed Dan I soon had his trousers and boxers off revealing a very pretty cock. It was semi erect and he was cut, just how I like them! My mouth was soon taking that cock and working him to a hard on. As I used one hand to wank him in my mouth my other hand started on Lizzy’s pussy with a couple of fingers inside her.

We all then got onto the bed and this time I got my head between Lizzy’s legs slowly licking her pussy and the probing it with my tongue. Dan and Lizzy were kissing like mad with Lizzy wanking Dan. I moved my mouth back over to Dan’s now hard cock and it was about 7 inches in length with a good girth, he was now dribbling pre-cum and I could taste the salty fluid as I gagged on his cock.

By now I too was hard and when Lizzy saw me aroused she left off Dan and got her mouth around me – picture the scene – Dan on his back with me sucking him, me on my side having the lovely Lizzy sucking me.

We carried on like this for about 5 minutes and then Lizzy said “Which one of you’s going to fuck me first then?” I didn’t need asking twice, so I turned her over and took her doggie while she sucked Dan. We must have fucked for ages with each taking turns to take her pussy while she sucked the other. She certainly knew how to screw.

Lizzy was so dominant in her lovemaking and she said that she wanted to see me and Dan fucking, well, I’m quite sub when it comes to man on man but I said that he’d need to use a rubber – which he didn’t mind. So I got my head back down between Lizzy’s now sopping wet pussy and I could feel Dan fingering some lube into my hole. I then felt his hands part my cheeks and then his bell end slowly and gently easing into me. Bit by bit he got his dick in, not all of it, but a lot of it, he then started thrusting it in and out – boy he knew how to take a guy! He was soon moaning that he was about to come and then he did – I could tell from the pulse of his dick inside me that he’d shot his load.

He took it out of me and I got back to fucking Lizzy. She said that she wanted to see me come, so just before I did, I took my cock out of her and shot my cum over her tummy.

We lay there for a while and we all agreed that we’d do it all over again.

We’re now seeing each other on a weekly basis, so Swinging Heaven really does work. Lizzy is still trying to get another girl to join the three of us so if there are any girls out there that like the sound of that then keep watching the adverts.